The Best Acne Treatment To Use At Home

Why are my acne treatments not working? What acne treatment can i use at home? Finding the right acne treatmen for your skin is harder than it seems as many acne-fighting ingredients are drying in nature.

If you have sensitive or dry skin, you might find certain acne products that are too harsh on your skin. Using acne treatments at home or anti-acne products that are not suitable for your skin type may worsen your acne and your skin condition!

Your world is about to change introducing this acne treatment that heals acne and eliminates scars by harnessing the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial powers of microsilver, witch hazel, green tea and salicylic acid.

BeKind’s Microsilver Acne Treatment

Specially crafted for Singaporeans, BeKind’s Mircosilver Acne Treatment is an anti-acne cream formulated to suit the skin concerns that come with living in a hot and humid climate, with high amounts of external aggressors like UV and sun damage. This includes skin troubles like sensitive skin or acne-prone skin susceptible to inflammation and breakouts.

If you are looking for a sustainable solution for your acne troubles, BeKind’s Mircosilver Acne Treatment promotes fast healing of inflamed skin, acne and scars without irritating your skin. On top of that, Microsilver Acne Treatment can curb future breakouts by controlling sebum production, prevent bacterial growth that results in inflammation as well as protecting your skin from external aggressors that can lead to acne. Experience fast healing and a soothing effect for acne and acne scars – and enjoy your flawless and purified skin!

The MicroSilver Acne Treatment Miracle

Source: Microsilver.de

Microsilver is a high quality 99% pure silver powder consisting of highly porous and micro-size grade silver that is made in Germany. It is also a patented BG technology that is highly esteemed worldwide and used by international professional skincare brands like Babor. The silver ions in Microsilver can inactivate crucial structures on surfaces of bacteria, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria on your skin. 

Unlike “nanosilver” which has a bad rep in skincare, microsilver is extremely gentle on the skin as it only remains on the uppermost skin layer. This makes microsilver suitable for even those who suffer from hypersensitive skin and eczema. Various clinical trials have proven that the high anti-bacterial and anti-microbial activities of microsilver even reduced inflammation – the root cause of all skin problems. In another clinical trial, patients saw a reduced occurrence of breakouts after using products with microsilver!

Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel’s Pore Cleaning Powers

Other key ingredients in BeKind’s Microsilver Acne Treatment include salicylic acid and witch hazel. Did you know that both salicylic acid and witch hazel are very useful for de-gunking your pores and preventing inflammation? 

Salicylic acid is highly effective in removing excess sebum and clearing mild and superficial acne like blackheads and whiteheads. If you suffer from enlarged pores, witch hazel is a must-have ingredient in your skincare product. Witch hazel acts as an astringent in skin care and gives your pores a temporary tightening effect, giving your skin a smooth texture and look.

Source: Healthline

The last active ingredient in the Microsilver Acne Treatment is green tea. On top of being able to inhibit the production of sebum and thus curbing acne, its powerful antioxidant properties protect your skin from sun damage – making it highly suitable for those living in a hot tropical climate.

Source: Bbcgoodfood


The recommended usage is once a day – Night use. After cleansing and patting dry face, apply a thin layer evenly on the acne spots while avoiding the eye area.

Let Your Skin Function at Its Best Anytime, Anywhere

Be kind to your skin. Don’t let acne troubles stop you from letting your beauty shine from within. Find out how you can spread positivity just by being kind to yourself!

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