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Had a thoroughly enjoyable and comfortable experience at My Cozy Room. I was suffering from ache and clogged pores due to prolonged wearing of mask and was looking forward to have it clean up after hearing excellent reviews of My Cozy Room. The staff that attended to me was meticulous in sharing the different steps and the benefits of each process she was going through in the facial session. The rooms were clean and sterilised. Background music was soothing. Dynamics among the staff was good, amiable and friendly. My skin now has cleared up and improved drastically after just 1 session with them. Cannot wait to make the next appointment with them. Excellent experience I must say. Impressive with the quality of your staff and the products used. 😊😊😊
Cai Xiaoxi
I’ve always had many blackheads and clogged pores. I was really glad to be able to visit My Cozy Room which is known as the Best Extraction Facial in Singapore. The spa really lived up to my expectations in terms of their service and results! I am usually dreadful about the extraction process but I was pleasantly surprised by its painless extraction! The Anti-acne LED treatment was also effective in killing off bacteria and preventing infection for future breakouts. My pimples and blackheads . Overall I really enjoyed the experience at My Cozy Room. My face has gotten so much brighter and radiant after just one session! Highly recommended.
Rachel Tan
*Best Acne Facial treatment tried and tested !!! * I am not a frequent facial spa goer and, in most cases, you will find me heading for a Spa Massage! One of the key reasons for not treating my face well for the past years (yes, you got me right, years!) was an unpleasant experience with my acnes. Throughout the treatment process, the therapist is patient and caring to address my concerns. She made sure to explain the steps on how to treat my acne and it did ease a lot of tension within me. Today is the first day after my facial spa and I have seen how my face has brighten up and my pores are visibly smaller! I am pleased that the few acnes on my chin was fully healed and no pain at all after the treatment! Thank you, My Cozy Room, for this wonderful experience!
Vera Lim

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