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Customised treatments effective for: Clogged pores, Acne & pimples, Blemishes, Blackheads and whiteheads, Enlarged pores, Oily & combination skin, Sensitive & dehydrated skin, Dull skin.

Effective Treatment

– Thorough and gentle extraction with minimal pain
– Effective for acne and clogged pores
Dedicated and professional therapists with at least 8 years of professional experience.

Premium Products

– Natural & plant-based products
– Highly concentrated ingredients for maximum results
– Dermatologist-tested
– Complete with premium alginate mask set

Pampering Experience

– Soothing Crystal Eye Massage
– High Frequency Treatment
– Eyebrow shaping
– Anti-Aging facial massage
– Coolight Therapy with Blue LED
– Stress relief head & shoulder massage

The Award-Winning Boutique Spa You Can Trust.
Visible Results in 120 Minutes.

Our award-winning treatments have been highly-praised by thousands of customers who have experienced the amazing long-term results for themselves. Don’t just take our word for it , our various before and after images speaks for themselves.

Clogged Pores & Oily Skin Types

Severe Acne, Scarring & Blemishes

Acne, Sensitive Skin & Enlarge Pores

Proven effective in treating troubled skin conditions!

Our Awards

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa is honoured and humbled to have received multiple highly-coveted awards from the beauty industry. This recognition has only been possible with the support of our beloved customers, and we are extremely grateful to each and every one who has contributed to our success.

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Customer Reviews

Is My Cozy Room a solution to my acne problems? I was amazed by the effect of the facial and how much my skin had recovered over the short period of 9 days!  I like the BABOR Pure Daily Purifying Cream, a light 24h anti-blemish care for clearing blemished skin and encourages reddening and irritations to subside faster. My skin feels really supple and soft but not oily after using it. Premium Alginate Peel-off Mask Kit has a super cooling effect, which reduces the redness that comes from the extraction. I was glad I had the emergency facial from My Cozy Room to save my “face”.

Tiffany Yong

My Cozy Room has really been a life (or face) saver for me. Anyway, happy to declare that my complexion has improved so much after my facials with My Cozy Room. My condition has improved so dramatically that I only go for once-a-month facials now for maintenance. I would say that in terms of overall facial experience, assessing factors like the extraction process, quality of products used, level of comfort and service standards, My Cozy Room offers the best I ever had! It is also relatively less painful than other facials I have tried, and leaves my face less red and swollen (after facial). Facialists at My Cozy Room always give me the most refreshing and moisturizing face masks to calm and rejuvenate my skin.

Melissa Jane Ferosha

I’ve received so much compliments this year for my facial complexion so I decided to share my little story on how I achieved better skin. Love the extraction process which is meticulous and painless compared to other places I have tried! Therefore it’s the best extraction facial which I’ve been! None of the beauticians tried to hard sell their products, services or packages to me during or after my treatment. I can assure you a thoroughly relaxing and peaceful time when you’re there.

Christabelle Peh

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Enjoy our Premium Pore Extraction Facial at 50% off (U.P $288)

    *Valid for first-time customers residing in Singapore only

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Will I still receive a full facial treatment at this trial price of 50% off?

    Yes, you will receive $288 worth of customised pampering facial treatment at a special rate of $144. These trials are for new customers from My Cozy Room for them to experience the difference after the treatment.

    Q2. Does this S$144 facial treatment include GST or other hidden costs?

    Our facial treatments are subject to 7% GST. However, there is no other hidden cost unless you request for additional services or products.  Our therapists will advise you based on your skin condition should you require special treatment on top of the trial treatment, but the option to upgrade is entirely at your discretion.

    Q3. Is this treatment suitable for sensitive skin?

    Please be assured that our professional consultants will assess your skin during the complimentary consultation prior the facial treatment.  We will then recommend the most suitable treatment to cater to your skin requirements.  At My Cozy Room, we differentiate ourselves from other boutique spas by using only plant-based skincare products of premium quality (e.g. BABOR and Dr. Spiller) to achieve better results with no known side effects.

    Q4. Your trial price is still comparatively higher to other facial spas. Why?

    At My Cozy Room, we genuinely want to invite customers like you to experience the effect of our customised treatment with premium skin care products.  We are not using the trials as a cover to convert your interest into a longer commitment with us. Therefore we will not compromise our quality and services with inferior skincare products in order to entice more customers in at a lower price. However, that being said, we will be more than happy to welcome you again if you are satisfied with the results and would like to be with us again.

    Q5. Why do you use BABOR products?

    At My Cozy Room, we want our valued guests to experience the difference and feel good after the treatment.  We strongly believe that the German beauty pioneer, BABOR will provide the best results for you.  The BABOR Research and Innovation Centre has been transforming the secrets of nature into natural, high-tech products for over 55 years. These products combine nature and science to create synergetically optimised quality. The research department has been a pillar of the company since the very beginning, and has helped BABOR to establish a leading position amongst its international competitors.

    About Us

    My Cozy Room is the home of Singapore’s Best Extraction Facial, and a Top Ten TripAdvisor Recommended Spa. Just off the main shopping hub of Orchard Road, our cosy boutique spa is housed in a romantic heritage terrace property that will make you feel like a princess. Moreover, our warm and friendly team is genuinely dedicated to providing personalised spa services that are meticulously tailored to your specific needs, and delivered from the heart. At My Cozy Room, we customise our facial treatments to suit individual skin problems such as acne, blackheads and congested skin. We are proud to specialise in extraction, and our special extraction process is less painful and causes less skin redness with no compromise on effectiveness.


    56A Cairnhill Road, 
    (Behind Paragon Shopping Centre)
    Contact: 6732 0030
    WhatsApp: 8666 0030

    125 Devonshire Road, 
    2nd level, S(239884)
    (Opposite 111 Somerset)
    Contact: 6753 0030
    WhatsApp: 8811 0030

    Effective Treatment

    1. Removal of makeup
    2. Skin analysis
    3. Bi-phase deep cleansing using BABOR’s 100-year patented cleansing oil and phytoactive plant treatment essence

    Exfoliation of Dead Skin

    1. Thorough facial extraction
    2. Facial steaming to unclog pores
    3. Intensive peeling fruit enzyme mask made from papaya & pineapple (instead of harsh mechanical scrubs) to leave skin feeling soft & supple. Suitable for sensitive or blemished skin.
    4. Facial tonic to disinfect the skin

    Pampering & Relaxing Massage

    1. Eyebrow shaping
    2. Lymphatic drainage facial massage Rather than use a massage cream like most spa places do, we use BABOR professional intensive moisturiser to massage the face. This allows nutrients from the moisturiser to penetrate into the skin for optimal results.
    3. Soothing crystal eye massage to reduce puffiness and tension from the eyes.
    4. Anti-stress shoulder massage to relieve tension
    5. Facial treatment mask
    6. Application of toner, moisturiser & sunblock to complete the treatment
    7. Home care advice