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My Cozy Room is a boutique skin care and beauty facial salon in Singapore that offers an array of facial spa services using high quality products. We believe that everyone deserves the luxury of premium skin care and are all about creating an environment that brings out your inner beauty and reveals your natural radiance. 

We don’t just strive to make you look beautiful; we aim to help you feel more confident about yourself. Our team comprises of professionals who are well qualified and extensively trained to provide you the best facial spa services in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for a quick pampering session or a long overdue makeover, you can look forward to a memorable boutique spa experience with us that will make you want to come back for more! 

Signature Treatments

We provide a full range of beauty facial services from deep pore facial treatments to facial pore extraction to acne scars treatment for a wide variety of clientele.

Regardless if you have sensitive skin or simply desire effective solutions to improve your appearance, our facials are tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. Each facial treatment is meticulously designed by our skin care professionals to achieve maximum results and help you feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

pore extraction Facial


Our award winning Signature Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial is a gentle and thorough treatment that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and smooth. Our staff at our facial spa salon will cleanse your skin, extract blackheads and any other impurities from your pores, to achieve a tighter, brighter and more even result.


Facial For Acne

Our accredited Premium Anti-Acne LED Facial is specifically designed to remedy acne scars. By using a multi-colour LED therapy we are working to stimulate the production of new skin cells, clearing away the damaged ones and making way for new, healthy skin cells to reveal a smoother texture with fewer blemishes.


Facial Spa Services Singapore

Our truly deluxe Premium Illuminating Facial is the perfect way to ease you into your bridal beauty regime and obtain that flawless skin and glowing complexion you desire on your big day. Our spa offers several premium facial options including deep pore facials and facials for sensitive skin that are sure to leave you feeling fresh faced.



My Cozy Room the Best Boutique Spa is proud and humbled to be a recipient of multiple highly coveted awards from our peers in the from the beauty industry. These recognitions have only been made possible with the support of our beloved customers, who are crucial to our success. We are most grateful for the recognition received from them and are also thankful for the support of our outstanding staff, who continue to strive for excellence in all that they do. Here are some of our highlights and accolades from top beauty industry associations

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