Choosing the Best Skin Care Products: Professional Skin Care or Off-The-Shelves Skin Care?

There really is no catch. Professional skin care products are more effective. They work better in catering towards your specific skin needs than products you get over the counter or off the shelves (OTS). If you’re already spending money on skincare, why not make it money well-spent?  We can promise you that the price difference between professional and OTS products is justified! You will also find that it is also more worth it at the end of this article too. Read on to find out why you might want to switch up your holy grails!

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1. Skin care professionals develop professional skin care lines

Cosmetic scientists, aetheticians and dematologists are usually the founders of most professional skin care lines. All of who have direct hands-on experience with different skin conditions and their needs. That, and/or they are also better equipped with proper scientific knowledge of what works better with and for the skin. This means that professional skincare treatment products are more likely to be safer and non-aggravating, and also more effective.

Best Skin Care Products
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2. Professional skin care contains more active ingredients, and a higher percentage of effective ingredients

Professional skincare products are more specific treatments for different skin types. Active ingredients work to target specific functions and include examples like stem cell, peptides, vitamin C, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Professional skincare products not only contain more active ingredients, but also a higher percentage volume of it in its formulas. The similar ingredients lists on OTS skincare products and professional skincare products can be deceiving. There is a real difference in percentage volume of the ingredients, which is conveniently and often left out. It could be a difference between 1% and 20% with say, your Vitamin C serum. You could compare this to choosing the type of orange juice you’d like to purchase! Needless to say, the one with the higher percentage of active ingredients would be more effective if it is prescribed to your skin type.

This means that using professional skincare products will grant you a higher and faster rate of success than with OTS skincare products. This is especially apparent between OTS active acids and serums like Vitamin C, AHA/BHA acids. Getting professional products often come with professional advice and recommendations, which means you are more likely to get the right treatment for your skin type as well.

3. Professional products are tailored while OTS products are a one-size-fits-all

It should be no surprise that professional products are usually found in professional settings. These professional settings, be it your facial spa or dermatologist clinic, work to treat very specific skin types and conditions. As such, professional products are more tailored and personalised for more specific skin concerns. Additionally, professional skincare brands use technology, such as liposome technology, that helps to produce their product formulas with smaller molecule size. This finer molecular size makes professional skincare products more penetrative and easily absorbed by the skin.

Conversely, OTS products target appealing to a huge number of people at the same time. In order to do so, they have to cater to a more general skin type to avoid triggering negative reactions. This means that OTS products comprise more basic formulas to ensure it is safe to use for the general mass. Using OTS products could aid in your homecare, but they will be unable to properly treat your specific skin type’s needs. In other words, you will always feel a want for more.

Professional skincare might be more expensive but using them will grant you more immediate and visible results because of the nature of ingredients incorporated in their formulas and the intended purpose of the product. A little of the product will also go a longer way as compared to OTS products.

Best Skin Care Products

4. Preservatives are more prevalent in OTS products

I’m not sure about you but when I hear ‘preservatives’, I know I should keep them low in my consumption level. As much as you don’t want to include too much preservatives in your food diet, your skincare diet should receive the same care!

To fill up the many shelves, OTS products typically come in large bulks. As such, they often require a much longer shelf life. This is commonly achieved by adding more preservatives to ensure that the product remains usable for longer. Take note – usable. Comparatively, it might not be as effective and healthy as a product with considerably less preservatives.

Professional products come in relatively smaller batches. Sold to specific professionals who have a steady demand for top quality products, there is no need for them to last as long on the shelves. You will be receiving a product with fresher ingredients that professionals use too to ensure results are more immediate.

Best Skin Care Products

5. Professional skincare brands use natural fragrances derived from plants

Professional skincare products can focus wholly on ensuring their products’ ingredients work to treat your skin. This is because they do not rely on aesthetics or engage in price wars to appeal to the masses. As such, they invest in and care more about product formulas. They seek to make every little ingredient used in the concoction of your skin solution count. This makes for more bang for your buck! As opposed to artificial or synthetic fragrances or chemicals most OTS products use, professional skincare products usually opt for natural essential oils that have added benefits to your skin.

The nicer fragrance and packaging of OTS products might look more appealing and aesthetically pleasing on your vanity. However, is that what you want to be paying for when you buy skincare?

Professional Skincare Treatments for the win!

Professional skincare treatments may appear more costly on the get-go, but are definitely more cost-effective in the long-run. The results you reap using professional skincare treatment products will also be more immediate and lasting.

Where to get professional skincare treatments

Wondering where professional skincare treatments are available to you? Approach your go-to dermatologist or skin doctor, or even your facial boutique spa!

Best Skin Care Products

At My Cozy Room, all our treatments use only BABOR products. BABOR is a leading German professional skincare brand that has won numerous awards. They excel and are adored by their customers for their natural and effective products.

Unsure about investing in an entire line of professional skincare products? Why not step into your facial boutique spa and experience the products on your face by professionals first? At the same time, you get a pampering treat for your complexion that readies your face even more for your homecare routine. (Find out how in this 8 Reasons You Should Get a Facial!)

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