Why you should not squeeze your own pimple

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Squeezing your own pimple? Think again! You definitely should not be popping your own pimple, no matter how tempting the sore white head looks! Read on to find out why, and also how professionals do it differently and effectively for you!

Why you should not squeeze your pimples

You could be forcing bacteria deeper into your skin

Do you find a new red sore, and many smaller pimples popping up near your recently self-popped pimple? It is no coincidence! Squeezing your pimples by yourself is more often than not, a messy and dirty affair. Without professional expertise, it is hard to get rid of it all yourself. As such, the pus you have released yourself is most probably only a portion of everything. Additionally, you could be unconsciously forcing the rest of the bacteria deeper and farther into your skin.

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Even more dire consequences include the formation of nodules or acne cysts. Nodules are pain and red, hard sores where bacteria and dead skin cells are trapped underneath your skin surface. Acne cysts are large and painful blemishes that are caused by inflamed lesions/tears in your skin. When you squeeze your own pimple, you create a lesion and this results in the formation of a membrane around the infected spot on your skin. Whether soft or hard, both nodules and cysts are painful and serious infections that need to be treated by a doctor.

So, no matter how satisfying squeezing a pimple is, resist it! What good you think you have achieved in the moment could only lead to more pain and regret. Don’t do it!

Scarring yourself permanently

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Squeezing your pimples forces a tear in your skin as the pus is released explosively by sheer force and pressure. As satisfying as it might be, without professional care, this tear could leave you with a long-term scar!

Additionally, if you are squeezing a papule – a pimple that is sore and red but without a white head, you would end up with a more swollen and sorer spot than before.

3 Ways to get rid of your pimples properly

1. Sleep more and drink more water!

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Believe it or not, sometimes all your skin needs is a little more rest time and hydration! Time heals all things, including your pimples 😉

But we know time is precious and not always an option for all you busy queens out there! So we have prepared other options for you.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

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Have you ever realised yourself suffering a mini breakout after a period of indulgent eating? Well, your diet is closely linked to your skin’s health! Consuming more foods that are high in vitamin C and anti-oxidant content will help to flush out toxins from your body. This includes those that could affect your complexion!

Find out more about the best and worst foods to eat to achieve anti-acne skin in our other article!

3. Go to your favourite facial spa

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The professionals can help you ‘squeeze’ your pimples properly and effectively, with the right tools and technique. Getting a full facial treatment also ensures your skin gets more tender loving care and a deep cleanse to help keep your skin clear for a longer period of time.

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