Face Mapping for Acne

Acne Face Mapping: What your acne tells you about your health

Acne Face Mapping

Getting a repeated breakout on the same spot? It might be more than just a dirty pillow. Acne on different parts of your face are actually linked to various parts of your body system and its health. Acne face mapping will help you find the cause of your acne and enable you to have a better solution. Find out the root of your acne’s problem in this article!

Do note that there are many variations to acne face mapping, so the specificity of the facial region and body part may differ slightly. However, in accordance to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), what we promote for is overall health and wellness. Caring for your entire body as a system is ultimately what works best. It should not be limited to your ‘problem areas’.

Below are a few common areas of breakouts which we have highlighted and mapped for your reference and knowledge~

Forehead region

  • Digestion and bladder

Commonly associated with incomplete removal of makeup or shampoo, the pimples in this region could be a result of poor digestion or insufficient water intake too. The health of these two systems directly affect your hormonal balance. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the resulting breakouts from hormonal imbalances! So, make sure that you are properly hydrated and that your digestive tract is working smoothly to avoid tipping the balance!

Alternatively, it could signify a possible food allergy that you might be reacting to.

Between the Eyebrows

  • Liver

Often relegated to a problem of excess sebum production or lack of hygiene when removing eyebrow hair, this area also points you to address your liver health! Your liver functions to primarily relief your body of its toxins. As such, when it is not functioning at its peak, these unreleased toxins manifest as breakouts on your face. Take a step back from the party drinking and late night eating because these could both contribute to debilitating your liver. Find out more about how to manage your liver health alongside your acne condition!

Other remedies include reducing your intake of dairy products and rich foods that are high in saturated fats. Examples of these foods include fatty meats (beef, pork, lamb, and the likes), processed meats (like pepperoni) and butter. This is because saturated fats, also widely known as ‘bad fats’, congest your liver and prevents it from functioning optimally.

Eyes Region

  • Kidney

Aside from making sure you remove your make-up properly and thoroughly, ensure that you are drinking enough water on a daily basis. Don’t neglect your kidney health because they show up around your eyes! Hydration is important not just by a topical basis! Drink up more good and wholesome water instead of your usual Starbucks drink or bubble tea fix! Caffeine is a diuretic so drinking coffee and tea actually dehydrates you, compromising your kidney health and ultimately, your complexion.


  • Heart

Although breakouts on the nose are usually caused by excess sebum and residual make-up, it could potentially be indicative of high blood pressure too. Make sure you get in sufficient exercise and rest, maintaining a well-balanced distribution of work and play at the same time. Research has shown that stress factors affect your heart health, and inadvertently, your complexion!


  • Large intestine/colon and Lungs

Comedogenic make-up builds up, clogging up your pores, and can cause you to breakout across your cheeks. However, cheek acne is also linked to your respiratory and large intestine health. Frequent exposure to air pollution could cause harm to your lungs. Additionally, over-consumption of high-fat and mucus-forming foods is deleterious to your large intestine. This is especially when you consume a disproportionately large amount of unhealthy fats in your daily diet. Eat more healthy foods to help clear up your acne!

Chin, Jawline and Temples

  • Hormonal imbalance and Small intestines

You ladies would be familiar with this if you suffer from PMS! Breakouts along the chin and jawline are usually a case of hormonal imbalance. You could choose more hormonal balancing foods during this period of time to ease the breakouts. This means having a more nutrient-rich diet that includes foods rich in healthy fats, protein and anti-oxidants. Examples include eggs, spinach and kimchi!

Linked also to your small intestines, include more fibre in your diet to ensure your body digests food and eliminates toxins more efficiently.

Another cause could be over-exertion/activity of yourself. Make sure you are getting enough rest and recovery for your body and skin cells to rejuvenate!


Your entire body is one connected system. It is no coincidence if your acne grows and spreads. This is a result of your bodily functions slowly affecting each other! My Cozy Room always promotes holistic health and wellness alongside our facial treatments. Beauty is optimised when emanated from the inside out. The key to retaining beautiful skin is balance – don’t neglect your body and diet. If you are interested in finding out more and experiencing facial treatments that will complement your health and wellness, contact us for more info!

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