Bridal Facial in Singapore

Ultimate Wedding Guide: Top Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips

The countdown to your wedding day has started and you’ve got your wedding venue, guest list, wedding gown, makeup artist, and photographer settled. But don’t forget one of the most important steps – skincare!

With all the eyes on the bride, glowing skin is a must!

Bridal Facial in Singapore

Here are some useful pre-wedding skincare and beauty tips to help you achieve beautiful. And radiant skin for the biggest day of your life. It’s never too soon to start early. Think of it as a bridal boot camp!

1)  Bridal Facial Treatment

While beauty products and healthy living habits are some of the basic steps to achieving hydrated skin. Also there are certain skin concerns that require a more intensive treatment. Indulge in a quintessential cozy experience with My Cozy Room’s Award-winning Premium Bridal Illuminating Facial to achieve a dewy radiance on your skin.

Wedding Skincare Tips

Having awarded Best Pre-Wedding Bridal Facial by Blissful Brides and known as Best Extraction Facial in Singapore, this 20-step treatment is perfect for enlarged pores, oily rough skin texture and blemishes from pore congestion. The right techniques like extraction of the congested skin and the usage of premium products from Doctor BABOR Ultimate Blemish range effectively targets those skin problems. Luxurious alginate peel-off mask with natural ingredients comes after these steps to give a refreshing finishing touch while reducing redness from the extraction.

You might be wondering, when is the best time to start your facial treatments before your wedding day?

While My Cozy Room’s facial treatment provides effective results with just one session, prominent results will require more regular visits. Thus, it would be ideal to start your facial journey from few months to half a year before your actual day. But try to avoid having a facial extraction just before your wedding as different skin conditions may cause different levels of redness.

For brides-to-be & even GROOMS-TO-BE, enjoy 50% off the Premium Bridal Illuminating Facial Treatment (For first-time customers residing in Singapore only)

2) Daily Skincare Regime

Extra effort is always required to keep your skin condition at the optimal. You cannot solely rely on treatments to create a miraculous change. Having a daily skincare routine is important to maintain clear and beautiful skin.

Here are the 4 most basic and important steps of a skincare routine:

  • Cleanse

This is the most fundamental part of every facial routine. Cleansing your face removes any makeup and impurities built up in the day, helping your skin repair itself during your sleep. Facial cleanse is also necessary in the morning to clear off any accumulated oil and dead skin cells.

We recommend BABOR Hy Ol and Phytoactive cleansing set for deep cleansing with out stripping off moisture from your skin.

Wedding Skincare Tips

  • Treat

It is important to choose the correct product to treat targeted skin concerns such as acne, clogged pores, pigmentation, wrinkles, and more.

Our Acne Drying Lotion is specially formulated to work hand in hand with our extraction facial to boost recovery for your pimples and acne in a quick and effective way.

Wedding Skincare Tips

  • Hydrate

Some have the misconception that oily skin does not need to be hydrated. However, dry skin may actually trigger more oil. Also sebum production, which leads to higher chances of breakouts. Lack of moisture also causes dehydrated skin and wrinkles. On the other hand, hydrated skin keeps your skin supple and smooth, and also allows easier application of foundation makeup for a better look.

We recommend Dr BABOR Hylauron Infusion and Cream Set to provide your skin with an intensive moisture boost that is long-lasting.

For a finishing touch of glow, you may wish to use an ampoule before make up application on your actual day to keep your skin hydrated.

Wedding Skincare Tips

  • Protect

This step tends to be neglected by many people, but SPF of at least 30 is highly recommended for skin protection against UV rays that are likely to cause brown spots, pigmentation, wrinkles and even skin cancer. Also we recommend PROSKIN SPF 30 Sunscreen (Available at My Cozy Room).

  • Exposed skin – Neck and Back Areas

Plunging V-neck or sexy backless gowns are getting more popular among brides nowadays. To prepare brides-to-be to flaunt their beautiful skin with confidence, our Bacial and add-on Neck treatments are effective in restoring the radiance and glow of the skin. The treatment intensively exfoliates the back to remove any dead skin cells to achieve smooth. Also supple skin. Pores are deeply cleansed, encouraging the production of new skin cells and boosting collagen.

Enjoy 50% off the Blissful Brides Award-Winning Premium Bridal Hydropeel Bacial (Back Treatment) (U.P: $298) (For first-time customers residing in Singapore only)

4) Avoid New Products Just Before Your Wedding

Any sensitive reaction caused by new products may take a few weeks for the skin to calm down. You wouldn’t want to take any risks of getting a breakout just before your wedding, would you?

Stick to your usual favourite facial brands. Also carry out your usual facial routine diligently, your skin will thank you for the effort!

Last but not least, remember to have a good night rest. Also drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin!

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