Commonly Asked Questions About Facial and Skincare

My Cozy Room aims to provide our beloved clients an all-rounded skincare facial experience. Our friendly team of therapists and consultants will provide professional guidance as you embark on your acne-free journey to achieve beautiful skin. If you have any doubts or questions, reach out to us via email or social media platforms! And we’ll try our best to answer your questions!

Meanwhile, here’s an ultimate skincare guide with the most frequently asked questions and enquiries about facial or skincare.

Are facial extractions painful?

At My Cozy Room, our therapists are professionally trained to provide thorough extraction treatments to treat acne/ clogged pores. Customers have claimed that the extractions are indeed relatively less painful than other spas they have been to. However, if you have not done facials for a long time or your first time, there may be discomfort during the treatment. Feel free to approach our therapists for any concerns and we will try our best to meet your needs.

How often should I go for a facial?

We recommend regular facial treatments every 3-4 weeks to keep your skin clear and glowing. However, if you have acne-prone or oily skin with serious breakouts, having a facial more often such as every 2-3 weeks, will provide more effective results in treating your clogged pores. As different skin type requires different frequency of visits, you may check with our therapists as they can assess your skin and give you a suitable advice.

Can I see immediate results after one session?

Our clients have benefitted from immediate and visible results after one session of our facial treatments – such as reduced acne/ clogged pores, more radiant skin, reduced pimples and blackheads, and more. However, the results will wear off eventually if you do not maintain your skin with proper skincare regime and regular facial visits. If you wish to achieve acne-free and clear skin in the long run, it is highly recommended to go for a facial at least once a month to treat your clogged pores with our extraction facial.

Should men go for facials?

We get enquiries from male customers asking if we offer facial treatments for men. YES we do! In fact, facials should be for anyone regardless of gender. Men generally experience a higher oil production which is the main cause of clogged pores. It is highly recommended to go for regular facial visits to clear those clogged pores and acne to regulate healthy skin. We do have many satisfied regular male customers at our spa so join us now if you wish to embark on an acne-free journey!

Can I go for the first trial and not opt for a package?

Of course you can! We genuinely want to invite customers like you to experience the effect of our facial treatment with premium skin care products. We have a “no hard-sell” policy and we leave it to our customers to decide if they wish to purchase a package and enjoy greater savings after the first trial. Our therapists are trained to share our available packages to our customers so that you can benefit from the facials and savings. However, should you prefer not to do so, feel free to let our therapist know and we will always respect your decision.

Can my daughter/ son below 16 years old go for a facial?

Young teens of 12-16 years old are undergoing puberty and likely to experience increase in pimples, acne and clogged pores during this period. Facial Extraction is an effective way to treat these various skincare issues. At My Cozy Room, we do provide facial treatments for young teens only with parents’ consent. We will assess your children’s skin before providing recommendations. However, the results are still subject to individual skin conditions.

Can I apply makeup right after facial?

As your skin is in the process of healing after a facial extraction, we highly recommend to stay away from makeup for at least 1-3 days to prevent your pores from clogging from oil and impurities. During this period, your skin may experience slight redness depending on your skin sensitivity. Hence, it is advisable not to schedule your facial right before any important events.

Is it normal to see redness on my face after facial?

We understand the frustration of deciphering through a complex spa menu especially if it’s your first time visiting a facial spa. At My Cozy Room, our professional team of therapists who are also skin experts in this field have the right knowledge and expertise in recommending the perfect and best facial for your skin type. Before your first treatment, we will always assess your skin – so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice!

There are so many types of facial, which should I go for?

During an extraction treatment, the therapist will have to squeeze on your skin to clear out your clogged pores. The squeezing may cause some redness on your skin, which will usually wear off in a day, or two. Depending on your skin condition, some of you may experience only minimal redness. The therapist may also intentionally leave out some pimples or zits as they are not “matured” enough to be removed yet. As a result, some purging may occur due to self-cleaning pores. Having said that, our treatments have been highly lauded for minimal redness after the facial.

How should I determine the best facial spa to go to?

Beauticians/ Therapists should have considerable amount of experience.

The spa premises and staff must be clean, neat and professional.

Read the FB/Google/TripAdvisor Reviews to understand about customers’ past experiences with the facial spa.

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