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Top 8 Reasons to Visit My Cozy Room For a Facial

Oily skin and clogged pores haunt us regularly under Singapore’s humidity and heat, and facial treatments are essential to cleanse those pores away.

With an extensive list of facial spas in Singapore to consider, we understand why it is difficult to make that choice on where you should spend your money on. While a few clicks on Google for ‘Best Facial in Singapore’ can narrow down your available options, it’s not surprising to still stuck in a dilemma. If you’re facing skin problems such as acne, clogged pores, pimples, or dehydrated and dull skin, hear us out on why you should visit My Cozy Room for a facial.

1) “Best Extraction Facial”

Extraction may seem scary to explore especially for those who are new to facials. However, our spa’s experienced therapists are well-equipped to ensure that the extraction is gentle on your skin, yet meticulous and thorough to get rid of the gunk in your pores. Specialised in extraction for all of our treatments, your pores will left purified with little to no redness; we’re talking about immaculate skin that will leave you looking radiant for the next few days.

Our spa is also honoured to awarded with several accolades as Best Facial in Singapore, and we have featured in Best in Singapore recently as one of the ‘Best Acne Scar Treatment in Singapore’. Our team is thankful for such recognition and we will continue to work harder to serve our customers wholeheartedly.

2) Professional Therapists

My Cozy Room offers one of the best facial spa services in Singapore, with professionally certified therapists equipped with at least 8 years of professional experience in the field. Our experienced therapists will work closely with you to understand your preferences and make adjustments and recommendations to enhance your customised treatment sessions for optimal results.

Facial treatment cleansing

3) Premium Products

We pride ourselves by using only premium quality products from professional skincare brand for our wide range of bespoke facial treatments. Our products are derived from luxury plant-based ingredients in its most concentrated forms to deliver maximum beauty effectiveness (and they are suitable for sensitive skin too!)

4) Good service

Leave your concerns and worries with us where we will pamper your face and soul. Unlike other commercialised spas, My Cozy Room provides you a cozy and relaxing ambience for a quick wind-down from your hectic life. Our consultant is ever ready to provide you with some skincare tips after your facial with us too!

My Cozy Room Consultation

5) Good Reviews and Accolades

Having successfully treated thousands of satisfied customers, we are confident in the quality in our services and treatments. Thanks to the support of our customers, My Cozy Room has also vouched by several patrons and magazines as one of the Best facials in Singapore, and has attained several awards for continuous years in the beauty industry. Our “Before and after” photos and reviews online also speak for themselves with a glowing difference.

My Cozy Room Award Best Facial

6) Attention to Details

At My Cozy Room, we hope that customers can immerse their skin and enjoy a complete rejuvenation for an ultimate facial indulgence. We pay attention to details for every step of our treatment. From the double cleanse treatment to the gentle and meticulous extraction process. Our therapists serve customers from the bottom of their hearts. We ensure that you can enjoy an all-rounded and relaxing experience. And leave our spa feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

My Cozy Room Cleansing

7) Novita Water Ioniser for Our Treatments

In addition to the strong focus on the quality of our facial treatments and services. Also we strive to provide products with high quality for the well of all of our customers. And making a difference for your skin as you step out with a glowing and illuminating face. There are a lot of benefits (hyperlink to blog post) to the right quality and pH of water if you use it correctly. Not only are the tea served with alkaline water. By incorporating acidic water in the facial steaming process as well as the mixture of mask, expect a complete skin rejuvenation as the water provides an extra calming. And pH rebalancing effect on your skin.

8) Unique Heritage Shophouse

Your cozy experience will unfold in the tranquil charms of a romantic and plush heritage house on Cairnhill Road. Also Devonshire Road (New Branch), a mini oasis where you can enjoy our specially designed range of treatments. And effective for acne, clogged pores, and many other skin concerns. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We intend to provide you with a cozy and unique experience as compared to the other places in commercial malls.

My Cozy Room Devonshire

Getting the right facial treatment from the right facial spa might seem daunting with so many options available out there. But we’re here to help you solve that problem! On top of that, it is always important to find out your skin type. Also before picking out the suitable product for yourself — 6732 0030, you are one call away from picture-perfect skin!

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