Top 5 Skincare Myths/ Misconceptions

Ever heard of these skincare myths? It is important to know the dos and don’ts of skincare to achieve beautiful skin.

1) Moisturiser is not required for acne-prone/oily skin

Slathering some moisturiser onto your oily skin may sound contradictory to many women. It is a common misbelief that oily skin is not prone to dehydration, and many are afraid of the excessive shine caused by moisturisers. Because of this, they think that it is “perfectly fine” to skip this vital step in their skincare regime. But that is absolutely untrue. In fact, dehydrated skin is a possible culprit to clogged pores as the lack of moisture in skin causes sebum and oil production.

Instead of avoiding this essential facial product, moisturiser could actually be the solution to your acne problems. The correct type of moisturiser prevents your skin from being dehydrated, which in turns controls oil production and minimises breakouts.

2) Pore strips are effective for blackhead removal

It might seem really inviting to try out a facial pore strip after watching countless videos of the miraculous immediate removal of blackhead particles. But they may actually do more harm than good! While the pore strip does its job by removing debris and dirt from your pores, the adhesive may be too harsh on your skin, thus causing irritation and redness. By forcing the blackheads out, it is likely to increase the size of your pores, potentially collecting more dirt as they are exposed.

The correct way for removing blackheads is to visit a facial spa for professional extraction treatment. A proper facial includes extensive preparation steps to prepare your pores for extraction, and a skilled therapist will be able to remove the blackheads/clogged pores in a much safer and effective way.

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3) You should wash your face more regularly

Yes, you should cleanse your face regularly, but not TOO regularly.  While proper facial cleansing is essential for removing any impurities including oil and dirt on your face, excessive washing will likely strip off the moisture on your skin, thus causing extra irritation. Creating correct washing habits is important and the benefits that stem from this facial step should not be underestimated, which also brings us to the next point.

Source: The Health Site

4) My skin is too oily, so I should not use oil cleansers

Can oil really cure oily skin? Most people have this question in doubt, similar to how moisturisers could be harmful to oily skin. Well, the good news is, oil cleansers can actually combat oily skin and acne problems. Of course, we don’t mean the random type of cooking oil found in your kitchen cabinets. A suitable type of oil cleanser effectively and naturally removes oil from your oily and sensitive skin (as oil dissolves oil), unlike soap and detergent-based cleanser, which may strip off your skin’s natural moisture barrier. If you’re ready to try oil facial cleansers, our BABOR Hy-ol with Phytoactive treatment essence is ideal for people with oily yet sensitive skin, and also helps to regulate oil production.

5) Oil blotting sheets remove oil from your face

Oil blotting sheets could be a quick fix to remove that glistening sheen on your T-zone area. Yes, that is partially true, the sheets help to absorb the extra oil layer on your skin, but at a cost. When oil is forcefully removed from your skin, it causes your skin to produce more oil to compensate for the loss, which could result in clogged pores. The best solution is to manage your skin from within by using the correct facial products to control sebum production, while providing sufficient moisture to your skin at the same time. If oil blotting papers have to be an emergency option, use the sheets gently on your skin by dabbing it lightly instead of rubbing it across your entire face.

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