• For Acne/Oily & Combination Skin
    • Anti-Acne Purifying Facial

      Specially designed for blemished and problematic skin. Treats acne skin with Pure Fluid, which helps to inhibit the spread of bacteria and fungal infections. This treatment refines the skin’s texture and deeply cleanses pores through the use of potent papaya enzymes. Instantly purifying and regaining freshness, this leaves the skin clear, pure & soft.

    • Detox Clarifying Treatment

      An anti-oxidant facial with high-dose vitamins to prevent environmentally induced skin aging & clarify existing oils clogs. Using green mineral clay to regulate sebum production, it provides instant comfort, detoxifies and leaves the skin looking clarified and fresh.

    • Dr. Babor Ultimate Blemish Treatment

      A treatment designed to fight impurities and blemishes of all kinds and prevent recurrence, this is perfect for problematic skin. Dr. BABOR’s anti-blemish cream is used for intensive care of acute skin blemishes and prevention of stress-related blemishes. Sebum production is reduced, resulting in pure, even skin that is less susceptible to irritation.

  • For Normal/Dry Skin
    • Radiance Facial Treatment

      This revitalising and brightening facial is perfect for dry, dull and tired skin. Boosted with vitamins A, C and E, the treatment is excellent for nourishing and restoring your natural rosiness. Helping to strengthen the skin and its defences, the concentrated power of vitamins also stimulates the skin and firms the connective tissues.

    • Illuminating Premium Facial

      Indulge your face with this revolutionary facial treatment that has achieved ‘The Best Pre-Wedding Facial’ in 2014! This award-winning luxurious treatment aims to boost skin moisture and give you a fairer, glowing complexion instantly. Using BABOR’s premium range of skincare infused with Alpine Rose stemcells, its highlights include a Premium Alginate Peel-off Mask Kit and a pampering head, shoulders and hand massage.

    • Rose Quartz Stemcell Facial

      A luxurious treatment experience that relaxes the senses while aiding the regeneration and repair of your skin. This treatment combines the use of precious stem cells from Alpine Rose to encourage cell renewal with our unique Rose Quartz Crystal eye massage which stimulates circulation, collagen rebuilding and protect the skin cell DNA from damage caused by free radicals, leaving you with a dreamily relaxed and pampered feeling!

    • Whitening Effect Treatment

      Put a stop to uneven skin tone with the Whitening Effect treatment, rejuvenating and restoring hydration levels while bringing an immediate radiance and whitening effect for a bright and silky glow. Guaranteed results within a single session!

    • Energizing Oxygen Treatment

      BABOR has achieved a breakthrough and created its first-ever cream containing pure, encapsulated oxygen, which is released directly to cells. The intensive supply of oxygen stimulates the skin cells’ energy levels, significantly rejuvenating the cells’ properties. The special use of oxygen spray vitalizes and energizes the skin, giving it a fresh, rosy and youthful appearance.

    • Hydra Intense Treatment

      Triple moisture action from Mexican cactus and pomegranate increases the moisture levels in the skin while protecting against harsh free radicals. Leaving skin supple and elastic, this treatment comes with double masks containing valuable minerals and trace elements, helping to stimulate skin’s circulation and metabolism.

  • For Anti-Aging
    • Collagen Booster Treatment

      The ultimate treatment for plumping skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Pure collagen extracts deeply hydrate and plump the skin, resulting in a fresh and dewy complexion. An application of face contour fluid firms the skin and improves its circulation, leaving your skin feeling clear, fresh and refined.

    • Ultimate 3D Lifting Facial Treatment

      Using Doctor Babor’s Derma Cellular series, here is a high-tech skincare developed with Dr. Michael Konig, German’s famous face-lift surgeon. Unique combination of active ingredients delivers convincing surgical-like results to treat a wide range of skin problems like loss of elasticity, ageing, enlarged pores, pre & post-operative therapies.

    • Cryotherapy with ThermaLift Facial Treatment

      Transform the state of your skin and recover from adverse skin condition in no time using this hot & cold physiological treatment. Cryotherapy constitutes the perfect combination of high quality skin products and bio stimulating effect of cold temperatures applied directly to the skin. Thermalift Eye Massage~ up to 40 degree temperature is applied to stimulate blood circulation, effectively reducing eye bags and toning up the eyelids.

  • For Sensitive Skin
    • Calming Sensitive Facial

      Instantly de-sensitise and calm sensitive skin with this facial treatment that reduces redness and improves microcirculation. Containing the triple action Anti-Irritation Complex, it soothes the skin instantly, improves tolerance and stabilizes the skin’s natural barriers. Blotchiness is reduced, and the skin is soft and hydrated without irritation. Perfectly-soothed and less reactive, the skin recovers suppleness and softness.

    • Premium Soothing Skin Relief Facial

      No content

    • Dr. Babor Neurosensitive Facial

      No content

  • Other Pampering Add-Ons ( Eye )
    • Glacier Crystal Eye Treatment

      Makes fine lines, puffy eye bags and dark eye circles fade away

    • Cryo-Eye Therapy

      Extreme cold physiological therapy paired with luxurious products to freeze tissues at cellular levels

    • Thermolift Eye Therapy

      High temperature applied to stimulate blood circulation, reduce eye bags and tone up eyelids

    • Sparkling Diamond Eye Treatment

      Indulge the windows of your soul with a Glacier Crystals eye massage

  • Other Pampering Add-Ons ( Face )
    • Cryo-Face Therapy

      Extreme cold physiological therapy paired with luxurious products to freeze tissues at cellular levels

    • ThermaLift Face Therapy

      Promotes collagen contraction without damaging skin thus providing a non-surgical “face lift“

    • Diamond Peeling Facial

      An intensive exfoliation treatment on the Stratum Corneum (outer most layer of skin), that instantly produces softer, smoother and more even skin. Results are significant as any blemishes, oil and dirt are removed and fine lines soften. Pores are deeply cleansed, encouraging the production of new skin cells and boosting collagen.

    • Platinum Brightening Mask

      Restores damaged, dehydrated and tired skin as well as brightens dull and uneven skin tone for a young and fair look

    • Alginate Premium Mask

      Encourages ingredient penetration and restores skin hydration, resulting in smooth and radiant skin

  • Other Pampering Add-Ons ( Neck )
    • ThermoLift Neck Treatment

      Heating action causes fine lines on neck to tighten immediately, producing a more youthful appearance

    • Collagen Neck Treatment

      No Content

  • Other Pampering Add-Ons ( Back )
    • Diamond Peel Back Treatment

      Pores are deeply cleansed, encouraging the production of new skin cells and boosting collagen

  • Spa Indulgence
    • My 4-in-1 Fruity Spa Indulgence

      Refresh yourself with a Passion Fruit Back Scrub to exfoliate the most “difficult-to-reach” part of our bodies followed by a Hotstone back therapy to treat stiff neck & back problems of most office dwellers. An Orange Full Body massage then alleviates your various knots with customised pressure. Finish off with a Crystal Eye massage to reduce puffiness & strain from long hours facing the computer.

    • My Ginseng Anti-Aging Body Spa

      This holistic 3-in-1 treatment includes an Imperial Jade Guasha that relieves stubborn neck and shoulder pain or Lava Hotstone Back Therapy where warm sensations of Lava Hotstones melt away your tensions.
      Quality Ginseng Massage Cream and the heat generated by the friction of the jade against the skin helps the oil penetrate deep into the tissue followed by a Soothing Jade Eye Massage

    • My Anti-Jetlag Massage

      Enjoy this head-to-toe full body massage focused on relaxing tired muscles. This treatment includes a foot ritual and eye massage using glacier crystal to reduce puffy eyes after a tiring journey.

  • Relaxing Massages
    • My Cozy Massage (60min)

      Swedish massage using high quality BABOR oil, regenerates the skin and leaves a soothing effect.

    • My Cozy Back & Shoulder Massage (45min)

      Leave all your cares behind and take 45 mins to truly pamper yourself with our Cozy back and shoulder massage to relieve deskbound tensions.

    • My Cozy Back & Shoulder Massage (30min)

      Take 30 mins out of your busy day and pamper yourself with a Cozy back and shoulder massage to relieve deskbound tensions.

    • My Herbal Ball Full Body Massage

      Heat and herbs are absorbed by the body, reducing aches and stimulating blood circulation.

    • My Indulging Chocolaty Massage

      This ultra-indulgent treatment introduces a multiplying effect of endorphins In the brain, instantly enhancing your mood and nourishing your skin at the same time.

    • My Soothing Hotstone Massage

      An exclusive technique using key focal points on your neck, shoulders and upper back to relieve tension.

  • Other Pampering Treatments
    • My Full Body Scrub

      Get rid of the uppermost layer of dead skin cells to allow your skin to absorb the nutrients.

    • My Soothing Foot Spa

      Pamper your soles with a Foot Spa that includes a Foot Soak & Scrub, Hotstone Calf Massage, Foot Mask and Wrap.

    • My Full Body Whitening Wrap & Mask

      Achieve a visibly brighter complexion and reduce pigment spots sustainably with a Whitening mask. Skin is then protected against light-induced skin aging with a slimming wrap, reducing current wrinkles and lines. Rest in the hot blanket while and wake up to even, radiant and firmer skin.

  • Treatment Add-Ons
    • 30 min Body Massage

      Indulge in a Cozy back and shoulder massage to relieve deskbound tensions

    • Soothing Foot Spa

      Includes Foot Soak & Scrub, Hotstone Calf Massage, Foot Mask and Wrap

    • Cellulite Body Ampoule

      A firming active concentrate to improve the appearance of cellulite, reduce fat deposits and activate fat breakdown.

  • Bridal
    • Infomation

      A wedding is a celebration of love. Begin your walk down the aisle with us. At My Cozy Room, your special day is as important to us as it is to you. Let us lavish you with an enchanting marriage getaway, as your body and spirit emerge beautifully invigorated, preparing you for your happily ever after. There’s no better way to indulge and rediscover sensuality with your loved one than a romantic couple retreat within the confines of our cozy couple room. No doubt a covetable spa gift perfect for newlyweds and honeymooners, if you want to radiate inside AND out, come say, “I do” to a Cozy Couple Retreat Spa.


      The types of Bridal Treatments include:


      • Bridal Premium Illuminating Facial
      • Bridal Cellular Renewal Facial
      • Bridal Beautifying Facial
      • Bridal Detoxifying Facial
      • Bridal Sparkling Eye Treatment
      • Bridal 2-in-1 Underarms & Decollete Treatment
      • Bridal Perky Butt/ Anti-Cellulite Thigh/ Flabby Arms/ Bloated Tummy Lymphatic Slimming Treatment
      • Bridal 2-in-1 Full Body Snow-White Treatment
      • Bride & Groom Love Quartz Body Massage
      • Bridal Make-Up Ampoules
    • Bridal Spa Parties

      My Cozy Room offers Bridal Spa Party services for brides and bridesmaids to enjoy girly moments and pampering treats together before the Big Day.

    • Private & Corporate Events

      Patronised by beauty queens and celebrities, it wasn’t long before the spa’s chic and cozy venue was picked up by discerning bride-to-bes. Soon enough, My Cozy Room was hosting private events for ROM solemnisation and private corporations such as Laneige, Belif, Zell-V, and so on.

    • Bridal Events

      We also participate in Bridal events such as such as Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWS), and has been exclusively invited for hotel wedding shows by Hotel Intercontinental, Orchard Hotel, Pan Pacific Orchard, Holiday Inn Atrium, and so on.