Our New Treatment – Premium Royal Bird’s Nest Facial

The Regenerating Powers of Bird’s Nest Facial for a smooth, supple complexion

Like eating well, exercising and having enough sleep, taking care of our skin is as important. Isn’t it frustrating when you are heading out for an important event. Also having a presentation coming up and your face starts to break out?
To make things worst, you have been upholding a thorough facial regime at home. And yet your skin condition is not getting any better.
While there’s no absolute solution to every skincare problems. We can always strive to prevent. Also lessen the effects of it via homecare products or facial treatments. Seeking professional help on how to care for your skin is and the biggest step to a beautiful and glowing you.

A Timeless Beauty Secret

Passed down from generation to generation and previously reserved only for royals. The nourishing and regenerative powers of bird’s nest have been documented for centuries and scientifically proven, to boot.

If you are concerned about dullness, pigmentation and ageing, wrinkled skin. Also visit My Cozy Room Boutique Spa to experience the newest addition to our spa menu: The Royal Bird’s Nest Facial.

Highlights of the treatment processes include exfoliation, facial mask and dynamic radiotherapy which are all enriched with the essence of the bird’s nest.

The Regenerating Powers of Bird’s Nest

From slowing down ageing to maintaining the glow of youth on your face, the bird’s nest is widely lauded for its benefits to both the body and skin. Once considered a delicacy for consumption. Also bird’s nest has evolved into quick remedies that can be applied directly to boost complexion.


Modern studies have shown that bird’s nest is incredibly rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF) – a substance responsible for skin and tissue repair by boosting collagen production. At the end of the session. Also there would be visibly improving signs of ageing without the likes of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Anti-redness & Inflammation

Also abundant in vital building blocks of healthy skin such as glucosamine, lysine, arginine and cysteine, bird’s nest works its magic to calm and repair weakened skin barrier – the most common cause of skin sensitivity.


Bird’s nest naturally stimulates blood circulation, refreshing skin cells with oxygen and hence resulting in a bright, glowing complexion.

Royal Bird’s Nest Facial Highlights:

Our Royal Treatment facial provides a holistic treatment that tackles frustrating problems you might be facing on your skin. Comprising of a thorough exfoliation, state-of-the-art technology and bird’s nest-infused premium mask, this is possibly the best combination one could ask for.

Golden Exfoliator

Enriched with the goodness of bird’s nest, this step works to thoroughly exfoliate dirt, makeup residues and dead skin cells, effectively unclogging the pores and lightening the skin tone. Combined with the nourishing powers of bird’s nest, the Golden Exfoliator exfoliates without stripping the skin such that the skin is left smooth and supple with radiance.

Bird’s Nest Complex

Our Bird’s Nest Complex promotes moisture balance and skin luminosity. Perfect for all skin types. Also this proprietary blend of active ingredients works together to enhance the nourishing and regenerative benefits of bird’s nest.

Active ingredients

Swiftlet Nest Extract – This contributes to cell regeneration and skin brightening.

Silver Vine Fruit Extract – Containing the all-natural skin whitening properties. This helps to promote skin translucency.

DRF Therapy (Dynamic Radio Frequency)

To ensure the optimal absorption of our potent Bird’s Nest Complex, this device works the active ingredients deep into the skin using a combination of Radio Frequency technology and 630nm red LED that stimulates collagen production and cell metabolism while diluting melanin (skin pigment).

Premium White Nest Alginate Mask

No royal treatment would be complete without the crème on the cake. Our Rejuvenating Bird’s Nest Facial finishes with the Premium White Nest Alginate Mask. Formulated with only the purest of ingredients like Swiss Alps Spring Water, Algae Collagen Essence and of course, concentrated Bird’s Nest extract, this cooling mask infuses the skin with its healing, hydrating and intensely brightening properties.

Treat your face to a cozy and refreshing experience applied by our therapists’ skilful hands. Also using only professional skincare brands Doctor BABOR and Dr Spiller. Our dedication to providing only the best facial spa experience to our patrons ensures your skin only the best. Though obtain a new breath of life for your skin with our newest treatment at our new branch (Devonshire)!

Beauty from the Inside Out

Beauty is not only enhanced on the surface of your skin but from within your body itself. Also bird’s nest plays an important role in regulating important bodily functions such as detoxifying. And anti-oxidant properties that helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

With each session of the Rejuvenating Royal Bird’s Nest Facial, we offer a bottle of Kinohimitsu bird’s nest drink to complement your luxurious experience perfectly.

royal bird nest facial

Enjoy our Royal Bird’s Nest Facial at 50% off (U.P $388, 120 min) for first-timers residing in Singapore only!

Recommended for: Anti-aging, Skin Whitening, Rejuvenation

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