My Virgin Facial Experience: How My Cozy Room Gave Me A Facial That Boosted My Job Search Confidence

Graduating from university is a significant milestone for all of us: it’s filled with both excitement and anxiety as we break into the working world. As I started my job hunt journey by applying for roles and preparing for interviews, I realised the importance of making a great first impression. 

Granted that I’ve been so busy studying for finals and working on my side hustles, it hit me that I haven’t been investing time on my appearance. Hence, I thought that now is the time to do so. This led me to My Cozy Room – a place famed for its Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial. I thought that booking a facial can help give my skin a much-needed facelift, and therefore become a confidence booster for me in this job-hunting journey.

Upon entering their spa, my journey at My Cozy Room started with a skin diagnosis with one of their many expert beauticians. She revealed that my skin was more sensitive than I had realised, and that it was plagued by more clogged pores and blackheads than I could ever imagine. As surprising as this may seem, it set the stage for a customised treatment of their Ultimate Pore Extraction facial that was tailored to my needs.

Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial at My Cozy Room

The treatment commenced with a Guasha head massage. It was an ultra-soothing experience that melted away the mounting stress and tension from the hectic days following my graduation. More than just a massage; it was a reset button for my mind and body, and made me look forward to the rest of the treatment even more.

Next, the therapist meticulously removed all traces of makeup, allowing the real work to begin. My skin was treated to a series of cleansing steps which involved premium products such as their Miracle Cleansing Oil and Apple Stem Cell Renewal Peel, leaving my skin to feel incredibly smooth and supple.

But the real game changer was the specially formulated mask applied before the extraction process. This crucial step softened my blackheads and whiteheads, making my face fully prepped for the thorough extraction process afterwards.

The hallmark of My Cozy Room’s expertise was their manual extraction. Despite the intensity of the process, the expertise of the therapist ensured that my skin was thoroughly cleansed without excessive irritation. 

Post-extraction, my skin was pampered with their Glass Skin Elixir, a soothing cream that calmed any redness and irritation. It’s part of their BeKind skincare line, their in-house luxurious skincare brand. This was followed by  a V-lift facial massage, not only was it super relaxing; it visibly detoxified my skin and softened the appearance of my eye bags—just what I needed after countless sleep-deprived nights.

The culmination of this extensive treatment was the application of their Premium Algine Mask. This mask not only delivered deep moisture to my sensitive skin, but also helped to soothe it. It left a refreshing and cooling sensation that reduced any remaining redness. A relaxing hot stone shoulder massage complemented the facial treatment, easing all remaining tension in my body, ending my treatment on a high note.

As I left My Cozy Room, my skin was visibly clearer, brighter, and more radiant than ever before. I never knew that my skin had so much potential to look this good. Plus, the transformation was not just skin deep; it instilled in me a newfound confidence, enabling me to be my best self as I prepare for my many job interviews ahead. 

This feeling of freshness and readiness didn’t fade quickly either; my skin continued to look great for the weeks to come. This proves that investing in a premium facial treatment is super worthwhile.

For anyone stepping into a new phase in their life, be it a new job, or a a big event, or is simply in need of some self-care, My Cozy Room’s Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial is a must-try. It’s not just a treatment; it’s a stepping stone to boosting your confidence and putting your best face forward. Trust me, your skin—and your confidence—will thank you later!


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