My Cozy Room Customer Review: My Acne Skin Cleared in One Week! By Lian Yu Lin

I’ve had a pretty bad cystic acne skin condition ever since I was around 14 or 15 around the age of puberty. 

It was a tough time. Even though my friends all had bad skin at the time too, I’ve always felt like mine was the worst!

My skin before the facial was really inflamed and filled with a large number of cystic acne. 

I’ve tried everything like acne medication but it messed around with my hormones a little, so I eventually had to stop. It was a big mistake. After I stopped taking the medication, I came to find even more pimples, things were twice as worse. 

After a while, I felt hopeless and eventually came to the conclusion that I’m very likely to just have really bad acne-prone skin for the rest of my life. Almost. 

As a last-ditch effort, I decided to visit My Cozy Room Facial Spa. 

Consulting and learning more about my skin condition with Celine Chan

The first thing they did was sit me down for a consultation where we observed and talked about my skin history which taught me more about my skin. I learned that I have sensitive skin that’s also prone to scarring. From there, she recommended that I give the Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial treatment a go! 

During the facial treatment, the highly qualified therapist made me very comfortable while she massaged my face. The extraction process itself was very thorough and almost painless, it helps that the massages after were really nice and cool. 

Cool light therapy; reduces redness from the extraction treatment 
Lymphatic drainage massage; for encouraging blood circulation and removing toxins to prevent acne pimples 
Soothing Crystal Eye Massage 

Overall I’m thankful to be one of the first customers to have been able to experience this new facial. 

Highly recommend that you make a visit to My Cozy Room Facial Spa, especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin and really need a confidence boost! 

Lian Yu Lin