How Facials have Helped My Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin!

Sensitive skin has always been something that I struggled with. It is difficult to find a product or skincare routine that is suitable for me. And when a product reacts negatively to my face, the consequences are endless. Inflamed red patches, breakouts, skin rashes, acne scars, and many pimples all popping up all over. You can see how rough my skin was, filled with so many whiteheads filled with pus all over my forehead and cheeks! 

With the uncertainty about the ingredients inside products and how my skin will react, I’ve become cautious.

In my past experience, I always thought that painful extractions and redness around my face after the facials were normal. And that breaking out in more pimples after was just part of it.

But after coming down to experience My Cozy Room Facial Spa’s Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial, all those existing thoughts changed drastically!

The Facial Experience

The therapist was so professional and meticulous with her work, I enjoyed how she managed to communicate and ensure comfort. Her massages are extremely relaxing, the techniques used were very skillful which made me enjoy the process even more. 

I was really happy when my sensitive skin didn’t react with the products that the therapist used during the facial. The cleanser didn’t feel drying and tight on my skin, while the toner was soothing with a sweet rose scent! 

The Extraction Process

The extraction process really was a work of art. The therapist made sure every single clogged pore and blackhead were extracted. She would go back in and double-check multiple times before continuing on with the facial. I could tell that the therapist tried her best not to press down too hard and was super gentle with the needle which I appreciated. I admire how skillful the therapist is in making blackhead extractions such a relaxing process! 

The extraction aftercare was just as great, I was given an antiseptic high-frequency treatment to remove any excess bacteria to prevent acne from forming again. It’s followed up with a icy Coolight therapy which felt really soothing and calming to my sensitive skin, especially after almost an hour of intensive extraction. 

You can see from the before and after photos that the redness and swelling went down after the Coolight therapy. 

Before (Left) and After (Right)

The therapist would also use 2 icy crystals to give a cooling eye massage and let me tell you, this felt amazing on my puffy eyes that made me fall into slumber. 

She also gave me a very unique massage called the lymphatic face massage where she massaged my face using a certain technique on my lymph nodes to remove all the toxins from the face. 

Lastly she applies an alginate mask to lock all the skincare products on my face and to overall detoxify my skin. From the below before and after photos, I was really amazed by how my acne scars have visibly lighted after the facial! 

Before (Left) and After (Right)

My Cozy Room Facial Spa has undoubtedly become one of my new favourite places to get a facial. The quality of their skincare products and the impeccable service really is worthwhile. I would highly recommend getting the Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial.

One Week After!

Check out how my skin has improved in 1 week! My face feels so smooth like never before and the redness and sensitivity has gone down too! Thank you My Cozy Room for giving me hope in my skin condition.