Facials for Men: How Men Getting Facials Can Tackle Toxic Masculinity!

Tackling Masculinity Issues 

Masculinity is a social construct where boys or men are held to unrealistic standards and views of what it is to be a ‘man’, often synonymous with being a leader, and someone who’s tough, unemotional, and shows no weaknesses. 

This results in men that are unable to embrace their vulnerability, every aspect of themselves, and healthily overcome trauma. For that reason, it causes a butterfly effect where men neglect themselves in ways such as neglecting their mental health, forgoing healthy communication, and most often, not being consistent in their facial care.   

Skincare has always been viewed as ‘feminine’ and that is the main reason why men shy away from the subject of skincare and taking care of their face. They don’t realise that taking care of their skin is a form of self-love and self-improvement, that they, themselves, would benefit a lot from. Because who doesn’t want to look good and feel good about themselves? 

Admittedly, in that aspect, I am just a ‘man’, but I’ve decided to step up and start to put in more effort to take care of my skin. The first thing that came into my mind was to definitely get a facial. 

It was difficult to find a suitable facial spa for my skin, I mean the last time I went for a facial was 7 years ago! 

There are so many new techniques and types of facials that it was hard not to get lost, overwhelmed, or confused. Yet, despite all of that, My Cozy Room Facial Spa caught my eye as I realized that they were also recommended as a place for men to get facials. 

I felt quite intimidated when I stepped into the facial spa as everything felt so grand and regal, but when I met with my therapist it felt like I was talking to a nurturing figure. She made me feel comfortable, and we discussed my skin type and the challenges I face in trying to achieve good skin. From there, I was recommended to try their Premium Pore Extraction Facial, as I have acne-prone skin. 

The whole experience was phenomenal.

I have so many moments that I want to talk about. 

It was my first ever time trying a diamond tip exfoliator to exfoliate my skin, the texture of the diamond particles and suction felt really intriguing. The suction also helps with lymphatic drainage! 

This exfoliator really does the trick! It managed to suck out all the dead skin particles and debris on my face. Just look at all the gunk ! 

The extraction process was smooth sailing, I remember my past experiences with extractions being really painful and hard to endure. But the therapists here at My Cozy Room Facial Spa were super gentle and careful with their extractions. The therapists would always check in on me, asking me if I was alright or letting me know when certain extractions would be more painful. The service here is really impeccable!  

The post-extraction process was also equally amazing, the products that they use on my face really managed to cool my skin down after all the exfoliations. 

The blue light therapy was really interesting, my very first time trying Led technology for skin care. It felt really cool and smooth on my skin! 

My face felt so fresh and rejuvenated, my skin feels so much smoother and the dark spots really lightened up! The difference in my face is visibly prominent!  

Now I finally understand why going for facials is so popular, the feeling of getting pampered with premium skincare products is something no man should feel too masculine to deny themselves, especially when at My Cozy Room Facial Spa.   


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