Are Facial Extractions good or bad for your skin?

To reap those excellent benefits of an Facial Extractions , it is highly advisable to get a well-trained beauty expert to do the job for you. This might have crossed your mind before:

“Er.. can’t I do extraction myself at home?”

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However, if you use the incorrect pressure without the proper professional steps, the extraction is likely to worsen your breakouts or even cause serious inflammation.

Extractions may not the most comfortable part of a facial treatment, but it is downright essential to leave your skin to the expert who knows which pores to work on, and which aren’t.

So you must wondering, what are the benefits of a proper and professional facial extraction?

1. Extractions are effective in blackhead removal

Blackheads are formed when there is excess of oil and dead skin cells built up under the surface of the skin. These impurities collect in the follicle opening, producing comedones, also known as Blackheads. Blackheads can removed by unclogging pores.

Facial Extractions

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2. Extractions help to control acne and breakouts

Home extractions are not recommended as the wrong methods may cause bacteria to grow and multiply, increasing the chance of breakouts. Professional extraction helps to maintain and control your acne without causing infection.

Facial Extractions

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3. Extractions help to clear clogged and congested pores

When sebaceous glands become overactive, your skin may produce sebum – an oily substance. When too much sebum is formed, bacteria can get trapped inside the pores, thus causing congested skin. Also extraction helps to remove these impurities and keep your pores clean.

Facial Extractions

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To ensure proper removal of blackheads, pimples and clogged pores, leave your skin to the professionals instead!

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