Do's And Don'ts When Trying To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Do’s And Don’ts When Trying To Get Rid Of Blackheads

For many people, blackheads are a common skin concern. Blackheads are tiny, black spots that develop on the skin due to clogged hair follicles from oil and dead skin cells.

Although they can be unappealing, blackheads are not always bad for your health. Still, a lot of individuals desire to get rid of them. If you fall into this category, you should take extra precautions when choosing a blackhead removal technique to prevent causing more damage to your skin.

In this article, we will discuss some do’s and don’ts to help you effectively get rid of blackheads while avoiding skin damage.

Do: Exfoliate regularly

Applying a gentle exfoliant several times a week can help remove impurities, dead skin cells and makeup that rinsing and cleansing might miss. Be gentle and avoid harsh scrubbing when you do exfoliate to avoid further skin irritation. Ensure to cleanse and wash your face beforehand as well.

It is essential to choose an exfoliator that is best suited for your skin type. Some chemical exfoliants are stronger than others depending on the AHA/BHA percentage in the exfoliants, causing it to dry out skin even more. Users should be mindful and check beforehand if the exfoliant used is suitable for their skin. Physical exfoliants are more suitable for oily skin. For example, products like scrubs and cleansing brushes can remove dead skin cells.

A soft peeling gel will be a better alternative if you have dry or sensitive skin. For example, the BeKind Hydro Renewal Peel is a gentle yet deep-cleansing exfoliating gel that helps to tighten pores, removes dead skin and excess oil, restores hydration balance, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Do: Exfoliate regularly

Do: Use topical treatments

In addition to cleansing and exfoliating, a topical treatment can help eliminate blackheads. Look for products containing MicroSilver BG™, a breakthrough high-end ingredient clinically tested to reduce acne, heal wounds, and treat inflammation without drying the skin. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. A recommended product that ticks all the boxes would be the BeKind Microsilver Acne Treatment which effectively treats acne and is suitable for all skin types.

Do: Use topical treatments

You can also use products with Mandelic Acid to help unclog pores and reduce the appearance of blackheads. To prevent future breakouts, you may need to apply the treatment even after blackheads disappear. Mandelic Acid is an ingredient in the BeKind Glass Skin Elixir, a triple-action concentrate that combines a brightening essence, serum, and exfoliator together. The elixir is effective in refining your pores and renewing your skin’s elasticity and radiance.

Don’t: Squeeze or pick at your skin

On the other hand, for those who want to introduce retinoids – vitamin A derivatives, into their skincare routine, it is important to note that retinoids are chemically strong and might not react well to sensitive skin.

Do: Professional treatments

Facial spa services in Singapore are an effective way of getting rid of blackheads. It is important to find a reliable spa well-known for carrying out effective pore extraction facials to ensure your condition doesn’t get any worse. At My Cozy Room, we provide facial treatments such as our Premium Pore Extraction Facial, which is acclaimed as the Best Extraction Facial in Singapore.

Our Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial has won us many awards, such as the Daily Vanity Recommends, as part of the Daily Vanity Beauty Treatment Awards in 2022. We have also received the Best Anti-Acne and Clarifying Facials award from the Women’s Weekly Spa awards in 2022, the Beauty and Spa Award from Blissful Brides, and more.

The facial treatment focuses on clarifying, purifying, and hydrating your skin, effective for getting rid of not only blackheads but also acne and clogged pores. To maximise the results post-facial, top off your treatment with a premium alginate mask kit that can help minimise scarring and tighten pores to prevent blackheads from forming.

Don’t: Squeeze or pick at your skin

Don’t: Squeeze or pick at your skin 

Although it might be tempting, picking or squeezing your blackheads is a big no-no. Using your hands to pick at your blackheads may cause further irritation and scarring. The best course of action would be to avoid touching your blackheads completely. Get professional assistance if you require immediate extraction.

Don’t: Use pore strips 

Pore strips are a popular method for removing blackheads, but the results are mostly temporary. While they can remove some blackheads, they can also damage and irritate the skin. Additionally, pore strips only remove blackheads that are close to the skin’s surface, so they are ineffective for getting rid of blackheads that are deeper in the pores. Using pore strips on sensitive skin can also lead to normal skin being pulled off.


Blackheads can seem tricky to get rid of, but with the right procedures, you’ll be sure to get rid of them in no time. If you still struggle to eliminate the number of blackheads forming on your skin, consider making an appointment for a professional treatment for blackhead elimination and prevention. Expert therapists can also provide professional advice on all you need to know about treating your clogged pores.

On top of premium facial treatments, My Cozy Room Facial Spa also provides luxury acne skincare products in Singapore to ensure you get the proper skincare you deserve.

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