‘Creepy Crawlies’ Living In Your Pores | Truth About Face Mites

Did you know that there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of these “creepy crawlies” lying within the pores of your skin at any point of time? These are known as Demodex mites (simply known as face mites), which are eight-legged like spiders, microscopic in size (about 0.3 millimetres), and have an elongated and worm-like body structure.

Source: British Journal of Dermatology, 2014

It’s entirely normal to start freaking out; after all we’re not always fully aware of what’s on our skin. Most commonly, each follicle contains an average of 6 mites or more, so you can truly imagine the total numbers that are accumulated. Well, it does sounds a little scary isn’t it? But before you go on full paranoia with these scary-looking creatures, face mites usually live in peace with your skin follicles, and they generally do not harm your body or skin as long as the numbers are in control.

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What Face Mites Do On Your Face?

With numerous sebaceous glands on your skin, the face mites feed on the natural oil and dead skin cells in the day, and mate in the night. They tend to attracted to the oiliest parts of your face. Like your T-zone area (forehead and nose area). And yes, individuals with oily skin types are more likely to attract these uninvited guests!

Face mites are unable to excrete; their waste contents are released from their body when they die. Also forming bacteria and toxins. If your skin is flaring up and itching with weird sensations. This could a sign of excess face mites living on your skin. These acne-causing bacteria clog up your pores, cause irritation and inflammation on your skin. While most cases of face mites do not cause any visible symptoms. Also more serious cases will cause stinging sensation, patches of dry skin, larger visible pores, and redness.

Face mites may also cause complications with preexisting inflammatory skin conditions such as acne outbreaks. As such, acne may aggravate due to face mites, worsening the breakouts or inflammation.

 Face MitesSource: Business Insider

How Do You Get Rid Of Face Mites?

Sadly, you won’t able to get rid of them indefinitely. They will always stick around, whether you like it a not.

Scrubbing your face with cleanser isn’t going to remove these pesky creatures entirely. But it certainly helps in keeping them under control. Since face mites feed on the sebum of your pores, a very straightforward solution is to keep your pores clean and free of excess impurities.

At My Cozy Room, our popular Premium Anti-Acne LED Facial is a quick and effective treatment to zap away those bacteria lurking around in your pores. By exposing your skin to different types of light, specifically blue LED light, the bacteria that cause the redness and inflammation of acne, Propionibacterium Acnes (p.acnes), can killed. The light penetrates deep into the skin, stimulating your acne-causing bacteria and causes them to self-destruct. As this is a non-invasive treatment, it is generally painless and risk-free.

To help our customers achieve clarified and acne-free skin, we are also known for our gentle and thorough extraction treatment, with a strong focus on providing “back to basics” manual extraction coupled with the use of premium products from Germany. With this extraction technique, clogged pores and acne are cleared of sebum and oil in the most effective way, and this would minimise face mites living in your pores.

Effective Home Care Beauty Products

‘Back to basics’ is ultimately an essential thing to upkeep your skincare routine. Therefore, your treatment to face mites should always  accompanied with appropriate home care. Remember to wash your face twice a day with your favourite cleanser. We recommend the BABOR Gel & Tonic 2-in-1 Cleanser. Containing Peppermint extract. Also Aloe Vera and Apple water, this refreshing, anti-bacterial and oil-free formula works as both a cleanser. Also toner to give you visibly clarified skin! With a pH value of 5.2, this gentle solution is suitable for all skin types, especially oily, combination and blemished skin.

 Face Mites

To curb with inflammation and acne, our Anti-Acne Drying Lotion

(Dermatologist-Tested) is specially formulated to work hand in hand with My Cozy Room’s best extraction facial, giving you effective results with a shorter recovery time. It could also double up as an emergency weapon against your acne enemies for those who are unable to spare time for an immediate facial treatment with us!

 Face Mites

Another tip is to avoid greasy makeup so that your face does not become an optimal environment. Also for face mites to thrive! Keep your pillows, bed sheets and towels clean as face mites can easily transmitted between different sources.

Face mites are inevitable in our everyday lives and it is impossible to get rid of them forever. The least we can do is to keep the numbers under control with the above beauty tips!

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