Best Facial Treatment for Pregnant Women – A Review of My Cozy Room Facial Spa by Tiffany Yong

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in every welcoming woman’s life as they embark on a new stage in parenthood. Whether it be their first child, or third, each new addition to the family marks changes in everyone’s lives. So why not start off your journey with the best facial treatment for pregnant women?

For moms especially, it is a physically strenuous and difficult job to grow and carry a baby to term. With hormonal changes rushing around to ensure the baby’s well-being, bodily changes are a natural part of it! 

We’re all familiar with the concept of the wonderful pregnancy glow, but did you know that the scale can tip the other way as well? Let’s discuss some of the things that may occur, but don’t worry! We’ll get through this together! 


With the rush of hormonal changes, acne is a common skin condition everyone deals with regardless of what stage of life they’re in! But make no mistake, just because it’s acne doesn’t mean it’s quite the same. The most common reason for post-puberty acne tends to be related to diet and nutrition. Although acne during pregnancy is likely induced by hormonal changes, the cause of acne for both dietary and hormonal reasons is not mutually exclusive.

Heat Rash 

It’s quite likely that pregnant women in Singapore are more likely to have to deal with heat rash as the country’s located just a tiny bit above the equator. All that sweating out and about in the sun all day is likely to cause some uncomfortable itching! 

Linea Nigra (Linea Negra)  

With pregnancy, the darkening of your skin in certain areas is also a fairly common side effect, which may show up in the form of chloasma, the linea nigra, and hyperpigmentation. 

Often referred to as the mask of pregnancy, chloasma is the sudden surge of brownish/yellowish patches that show up on the face. 

The linea nigra on the other hand is a harmless line formed right down the middle of a woman’s belly! It often does not have a distinct beginning but stretches all the way down to the pubic bone. 


Hyperpigmentation in this case often shows up in the form of skin darkening of the nipple, anal, and external vaginal region. 

These occurrences happen due to the creation of extra pigmentation within the process of hormonal shift. They might even show up in splotches of color rather than an even pigmentation depending on how much pigment is being produced. While these side effects of pregnancy do sound a little scary, they are likely to go away on their own post-pregnancy! 


Unfortunately, in the case of Chloasma, the patches can not be prevented but its effects can often be minimized by avoiding UV rays as well as the use of sunscreen. It may be hard to settle on the right sunscreen, especially with Singapore’s climate, we recommend BeKind’s Sunshield SPF50 is specially formulated for that exact reason. 

The ultra-light sunscreen has anti-oxidant and brightening properties while providing long-lasting protection against UV radiation. Created specifically with the tropical Singapore humid weather climate in mind, and perfect for sensitive skin, BeKind’s luxury product range is currently exclusively available on two platforms; online and in-store.  

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But why read about it when you can hear a testimony instead? 

Join new mama, Tiffany Yong, as she shares a bit of her pregnancy journey!

Since Covid took over the world by storm, it’s become very difficult to pamper ourselves. Even when everything began to reopen, it became very difficult to get a booking as everyone rushed to get their sessions booked. 

I’ve also gotten pregnant recently, which means a lot of hormonal changes within my body. 

This revealed itself through dark eye circles, melamine, and pigmentation on my face, and because we had to wear masks all the time I had to deal with clogged pores around the circumference of my cheeks. 

My skin before the facial treatment! 

So I decided to come to My Cozy Room Facial Spa to get it sorted out!  

During pregnancies, a lot of mummies will avoid doing a lot of different types of treatments because they’re worried it will affect the baby’s health. For that reason, I did a lot of research.  

The first thing I did when I came to My Cozy Room Facial Spa, was that I asked “do you have treatments that are suitable for pregnant ladies?” 

Celine’s very considerate and recommended certain treatments. The facial was easier for pregnant ladies because we were lying down for the facial treatment and did not have to suffer from backaches for at least 3 hours. 

The facial massage is to die for, I felt so relaxed. 

The experience was quite enjoyable as the whole process didn’t feel long at all. The therapist also informed me of all the procedures. 

Look at all the dead skin gunk from the renewal peel treatment! 

The facial extraction process: there were a lot of whiteheads and clogged pores on my nose.

The ampoule and cool light massage. 

Now that I’ve finished the facial, my whole face feels lighter and as if it’s breathing now. Hopefully whatever products I apply to my skin moving forward will absorb into my skin better! 

Being pregnant is already tough, so why not pamper yourself?

After my facial, look at how clean my pores are!

Come try out My Cozy Room Facial Spa for their skin facial treatments!

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