Types of Acne Extractions

Acne, breakouts, dark spots, and clogged pores have been the leading cause of a drop in confidence in individuals forever. Usually, when skin problems arise, there’s a deeper problem in relation to the superficial problem. Also it your diet, improper skincare, or other issues regarding hydration, hormones etc.

Possible Causes for Acne

Almost a tenth of people on the globe are impacted by acne, making it the eighth most common disease plaguing people on the globe. Blame it on bad genetics, blame it on the weather, blame it on bad habits and diet choices. Also acne is a real problem that affects millions. Here are some reasons why acne is formed.

  1. Hormones 

Something everyone is born with. Due to hormonal imbalances, acne can be formed on the jaw, cheeks and forehead, creating scars and painful pimples on the skin. 

  1. Insufficient fluid consumption

Water is crucial for our body. Without proper hydration. Also the impurities in our bodies remain within us, and may manifest on the skin as acne.

  1. Improper Diet 

What you eat is what you are. The food you consume is closely related to the toxin count in your body. A sinful diet would bare its horns through the form of acne, since the toxins will manifest itself on your face upon eating overly oily or sweet foods. 

Types of Acne 

Blackheads, whiteheads, cystic acne, milia seeds… The list is endless. Also there are a couple of common sights we see here during the facial extraction treatments at My Cozy Room Facial Spa. 

  1. The Strawberry Nose

Strawberry noses are awfully common due to the significantly larger pores found on the nose. When dead skin follicles combined with dried oil accumulate, the acne hardens and enlarges on the follicle walls. Also this causes small protrusions on the nose, much like the little “plugs” on the surface of a strawberry, hence its name. 

  1. The Bloody Acne

Bloody Acne refers to blood-filled pimples that occur when one picks. Also squeezes the pimples. Together with the yellow-tinted pus and bacteria that oozes out, blood comes along with it. This is usually because of irritation or an infection of the skin around the pores. 

  1. The Toothpaste Acne

Like its name suggests, Toothpaste Acne contains yellow or cream colored soft, semi-solid acne that oozes out upon being squeezed. Also it is a common form of acne that can be found anywhere on the face, usually due to dirt and grease accumulating in the pores.

  1. The Juicy Acne

Juicy Acnes are the most common form of acne, usually called Cystic Acne. Juicy acnes are formed usually on oily skin, even though anyone can have acne. When a combination of oil, dead skin, and bacteria accumulates, juicy acne forms. 

How to Treat Your Acne? Types of Acne Extractions

The biggest question many people may have – how should I get rid of my breakouts? Without a doubt, it is extremely frustrating to see your face dotted with acne – no matter what type. Fret not, there are ways to get you out of this messy situation. 

Try My Cozy Room’s Professional Extractions. Professional help is most effective. Also this is because excessive touching and self-extraction causes irritation and may worsen your skin condition. Also you wouldn’t want a momentary annoyance with your acne condition to worsen your complexion or cause more extensive clogging of the pores. 


My Cozy Room provides Premium Pore Extraction Facials, mostly targeting people with oily skin types, plagued with congested pores. Using a professional range of products from Dr. BABOR, the extraction facials focus on clogged skin. Also ensuring that unwanted shine, excessive oil production. Also bacteria accumulation is kept at bay. Though the treatment eradicates your facial impurities without compromising your skin’s moisture. Also can help clear your skin from unwanted pimples and acne. The main focus of this treatment is the extraction of the congested skin, for you to embark on the road to clear, fresh skin. 


*Valid for first time customers in Singapore only


Having an intense breakout on your face, or a bad case of acne? Try My Cozy Room’s Premium Anti Acne LED Facial. With LED Light Therapy, stubborn acne and clogged pores will be kept at bay. The different types of light, especially blue light can work wonders on your skin. Also not only does it kill bacteria on your face, but also reduces inflammation. Also redness caused by an infection of the pores. The light penetrates deep into your skin destroying acne-causing bacteria.


*Valid for first time customers in Singapore only


The Royal Bird’s Nest Facial from My Cozy Room targets individuals plagued with dry skin, or ageing skin. A rejuvenating and refreshing treatment facial – this treatment replaces dry, ageing skin with luminous and dewy skin. Also combined with the natural and nourishing Bird Nest Essence, the Golden Exfoliator gently removes unwanted dried skin follicles, leaving behind a sheen of radiance on the skin.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types. The rejuvenating regenerative properties of the Birds Nest Facial combined with the Premium White Nest Alginate Mask infuses the skin with soothing properties that heals, hydrates. Also rejuvenates the skin. 


*Valid for first time customers in Singapore only

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Types of Acne Extractions

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