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My Cozy Room has served thousands of happy customers. We are really thankful for the continuous support from our customers and followers throughout this 10-year journey. Our dedicated and hardworking team serves our hearts and we are passionate about helping our clients achieve beautiful skin. Over time, we have received different positive reviews from our satisfied customers.

Known for Best Extraction Facial in Singapore, our new. Also recurring customers have praised our spa for the meticulous and thorough extraction process. Also it has minimal pain. Though redness, thus providing them with effective results within one session.

See what our customers are saying about My Cozy Room’s award-winning facial treatments which are suitable for acne and clogged pores. Hopefully, these customer reviews will help you with your decision in selecting a suitable facial spa for your skin concerns!

“The staff are very professional yet casual and friendly. My experience was enlightening as they would educate me more about my skin. Also how to take care of my skin. Their facials are thorough and comfortable. It didn’t leave as much redness as compared to other facials. They were very meticulous and gentle. I will definitely go again.” – Jiang Yuting

Nonetheless, the extraction process is still the best that I would say. I have always thought that my skin’s condition is one of the best with very few clogged pores or zits. However, after trying the premium extraction facial, I was surprised. I have quite a lot of hidden whiteheads underneath my skin. I didn’t even notice (probably cus I wear too much make-up and did not clean my face very well). Extraction has always been a nightmare to me. However, my therapist is really delicate towards my skin and the extraction process felt really good. It was not painful. Also given my low tolerance for pain, I only felt a slight tinge and pressure on my skin. My therapist constantly checked on my well-being to ensure that the extraction process was comfortable. – Jia Xin

I had severe jawline acne and also acne marks when I first visited My Cozy Room. After my first session with My Cozy Room, I can see that there was a vast improvement in my jawline acne. My acne marks also lighten after the first treatment. My mother even complimented that my face got better with just only one session! With the friendly and professional therapist who was assigned to me, I had a very enjoyable facial at My Cozy Room. – Michelle Lim

Their extraction is very meticulous and thorough, down to every pore. Because of the therapist’s gentle skills, the extraction was considered less painful except for areas that are really clogged (But still very bearable). In fact, I fell asleep during the treatment many times. When I have more acne on my face, I would go for their anti-acne LED facial which has a blue light LED therapy to kill bacteria. Also reduce inflammation on my skin. So far, this treatment has been the most effective for my clogged pores. – Monice Cheung

We specialize in our gentle and relatively less painful acne extraction treatment, giving you acne-free and clarified skin! Under the skillful hands of our professional internationally-certified therapists with at least 8 years of experience, you can achieve effective and visible results with minimal pain and redness!

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Known as the Best Extraction Facial in Singapore, My Cozy Room has attained several prestigious awards, including the latest Women’s Weekly Spa Awards Winner 2020 and World Luxury Spa Awards 2020.

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