Acne and congested skin – a case of bad liver health?

Acne and congested skin
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Tried all forms of topical treatments for your acne but with no results? Perhaps it’s time to look deeper! As Chinese physicians have long believed, good liver health is paramount to overall health – and this includes your complexion as well!

Corina Crysler, clinical nutritionist and co-founder of beauty supplement brand Glisodin Skin Nutrients says “a distressed liver can lead to dryness, itchy redness, acne, and dull and sagging skin.”

How your liver health affects your skin health

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One of the main functions of our liver is to help flush out toxins from our body, it from the food we ingest, or pollution in the air we breathe in and encounter. When this function is compromised, the toxins manifest as frustrated breakouts on our skin.

Furthermore, our liver is also responsible for the breakdown of fats in our body. When fats not successfully processed and broken down through the liver, they end up floating around in the bloodstream. This directly affects your skin’s sebum production, by thickening it. The thicker the sebum produced, the more likely it is to congest and clog your pores, which adds additional stress to your complexion. As we all know too well, clogged pores make for a prime breeding ground for bacteria to fester, which more often than not, results in pimples and nasty breakouts.

How acne is formed and its relation to the liver

Whilst acne may caused by a combination of various factors, the main perpetrator is streptococcus bacteria (referred to as ‘strep’ hereon), which can present in your system for as long as since childhood. It manifests most commonly in the form of sore throats, and can strengthen whilst living in your body as it develops an immunity towards antibiotics, which allows its long-sustenance within your system.

When strep reaches the epidermal layer of your skin, sebum is produced as the skin’s reaction to protect itself. The more imminent and aggressive the strep, the more sebum is produced. However, as the strep has strengthened over time living in your body, it eventually conquers these protective measures, and painful acne occurs.

However, this can avoided with a healthier liver. Although strep is spread through the body via the lymphatic system, the liver plays a crucial role as the main organ that orchestrates the elimination of toxins in the body. A healthier liver reduces the amount of harmful toxins in your body that feeds and strengthens strep in your system as well. A healthier liver will give you a healthier system, and this includes a more trouble-free complexion!

Ways to improve liver health

Acne and congested skin
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Eat clean foods!

Consume sufficient fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats such as raw seeds and nuts. Try to consume meat from organic sources too. All these, including reducing your consumption of processed and fried foods – inflammatory sources – will help clean up your liver health, which means healthier skin too!

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Lemon water

Just half a lemon squeezed into your daily water intake is all it takes to help facilitate cleansing your liver!

Acne and congested skin
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Celery juice

You might not the greatest fan of celery, but it has so much in stall for your body. Rich in iron and vitamins, these nutrients help boost your liver’s functionality in flushing out toxins and waste from your body. It’s sodium cluster salts further act as an antiseptic that works to combat and obliterate strep too. This green juice remedy is here to work!

Acne and congested skin
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Sweating another way the body eliminates toxins. Exercising regularly will help to keep those extra fats at bay, improving your liver’s function and getting a cleaner complexion! There many ways to get your workout in for the week, including free fitness trials, mass Zumba classes in town, or just a simple jog around anywhere! No more excuses!

Acne and congested skin
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Moderate your alcohol intake

We all know how alcohol can wreck our livers, but now you know that it is also linked to your skin woes. Whilst a little alcohol a day has health benefits, remember that moderation is key. Too much of something good could become a detriment as well.

According to the guidelines set by UK Department of Health in 2013. Also both men and women should consume no more than 14 units of alcohol per week to reduce health risks

Acne and congested skin
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How My Cozy Room Boutique Spa can help you

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Remember, there ultimately no short-cut to attaining perfect skin overnight. My Cozy Room advocates for a holistic and healthy lifestyle to accompany the treatments. We offer for you to reap the best results for your skin and overall health. It all starts from the inside, and over time. Also the hard work and benefits of your self-care will reap results on the outside!

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