Alkaline, Purified & Acidic Water: What are the benefits to the skin? 

Many of us may have heard these terms thrown around by labels on bottled water or on premium water dispensers. While it is easy to dismiss them as meaningless descriptions, especially since they do look the same to the naked eye, there are actually a wealth of benefits to these ‘fancy’ water for the skin.  

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. Your skin falls in the ideal range of 4.5-5.5 range (slightly acidic), and it is important to balance the pH level on your skin. 

Alkaline Water 

When water is ionised to a higher pH to become alkaline water, the water molecules become smaller than regular water, and this allows better hydration of the body from the inside out. As a result, our skin would be boosted with moisture, ensuring a plump liveliness present in well-hydrated skin.

Drinking alkaline water also has numerous skincare benefits including anti-aging properties, detoxifying effect and skin hydration. Did you know that alkaline water also contains antioxidants just like your fruits and vegetables? Antioxidants repair and regenerate your skin by neutralising free radicals. You definitely wouldn’t be able to gain this through drinking tap water. 

As such, alkaline water has been officially part of the beauty and wellness scene. 

Acidic Water

While Acidic Ionised Water is usually not intended for drinking purposes, there’s a myriad of uses and benefits for the skin. 

It helps to remove dirt and oil from your skin more efficiently without the use of chemicals hence improving the overall complexion of your skin. If you’re suffering from itchy or dry skin, bathing in acidic water may also calm and relieve the discomfort. It’s antiseptic properties also helps to relieve minor cuts and wounds. You may have never thought that water can work wonders. But truth is, it does if you use it the correct way.  Acidic water from your water ionizer has an astringent effect, and cleaning your face with acidic water may reduce acne and inflammation on your skin. 

Source: novita

Purified Water

Instead of drinking directly from tap water, purified water should be a vital part of your healthy diet. Tap water may also contain chlorine which can be reduced by a good carbon filter. 

Hopefully, this information would have helped you glean a better understanding of how these water are great additions to our skincare routine. However, it would certainly be a hassle to have to purchase such water separately. Luckily for us, technology has yet again saved us with its efficiency, and this time in the form of Water Ionisers. Ionisers have the ability to dispense functional water of varying pH levels best suited for our needs. 

Our recommendation, which is also currently used in our newest My Cozy Room outlet, is the HydroPlus Water Ionizer NP8 from novita. Sleek and compact, it is designed to provide users 7 types of functional water ranging from pH 10 (alkaline) to pH3.5 (acidic) with its electrolysis technology.

Source: novita

As mentioned earlier, the ability to switch to different pH levels easily reaps many benefits for our skin and body health. Having this readily available at our spa for use by our skilled therapist allows us to ensure maximum results for our clients during their facial treatment. 

novita’s HydroPlus Water Ionizer NP8 not only provides enhanced beauty benefits to our customers in the spa, but it is certainly an important addition to household usage. 

Find out more here: https://novita.com.sg/NP8/




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