Acne and its Effects on the skin: How Does Scarring Occur?

Acne and its Effects on the Skin: How Does Scarring Occur? 

We all know that when a pimple forms, you can’t help but pick at it! Or try to pop the Whitehead, we can’t blame you, it’s satisfying! But the consequences of those actions lead to something worse, SCARS. Scarring forms when the skin underneath gets inflamed and causes irritation and trauma to the skin tissue. Depending on the severity, acne scars can take up to weeks to heal!

There are common types of scarring that can result from picking or popping your pimples. 

  • Discoloration scarring: 

It’s the hyperpigmentation that causes the damaged skin to remain darker after the affected skin has healed

  • Indentation scarring:  

Indentation scarring is more common in severe acne, it is when the top layer of skin is not really able to heal properly and regenerate. Hence, leaving an indentation in the skin

How to treat acne scars? 

The severity of acne scars also depends on your skin type! As someone of Chinese descent, my skin is on the lighter range of complexion. Because of that I am prone to hyperpigmentation because my skin contains more melanin-producing cells. 

But don’t worry, there is a cure for almost everything, and that includes acne scars!  

Professional Treatment: My Cozy Room Facial Spa’s Ultimate Anti-Acne LED Facial

This is where I go for my facials! 

Let me tell you, they really get the job done wonderfully. It’s no wonder that they are the best facial spa in Singapore. 

There are times when I get very stressed out from issues in my life, and that results in more serious acne breakouts around my face.  And what comes with breakouts are, of course, scars. 

I consulted with my therapist before the facial started where we discussed my skin condition and how I wanted to improve my skin. So they recommended I do the Ultimate Anti-Acne LED Facial.

After : 

The whole facial was so relaxing and I feel very well taken care of. During the facial, the therapists engaged and had conversations with me about my skin, and ask how I was feeling to make sure that I was comfortable. 

Targeting Acne

The extraction process went so much smoother compared to other places. The therapist was much more gentle with the extractions and informed me which areas would be slightly more painful so that I was prepared. 

The products that they use for this facial heal the skin and boost skin rejuvenation which is vital to curing acne scars.  

Even though the main feature of this facial is the extraction and LED therapy, this luxury facial also provides pampering services like hot stone massage, lymphatic facial massage, and an alginate face mask. 

Now to the main part of the facial, the LED light therapy, it felt so nice, it wasn’t even painful at all!  The warmth from the light felt so comfortable that I fell asleep. 

My Cozy Room Facial Spa’s Led therapy is known to help kill acne-causing bacteria. Their LED light effectively reduces acne and inflammation which minimises the redness on my face, it also heals acne scars and blemishes which boosts my skin rejuvenation.   

Acne Pimples & Mental Health

Having a lot of pimples and acne scars took a significant toll on my mental health. 

I‘ve always felt uglier with acne and scars, making me more insecure about my face. It wasn’t until after coming down to My Cozy Room Facial Spa, these issues and insecurities suddenly felt so minor to me.

I feel so much more confident and safe in my own skin. After such a long time of thinking that I will never be able to clear my skin, it’s hard to believe that my acne pimples are gone!  

Especially coming from someone who has been dealing with acne and acne scars for a long time, scarring is something that can definitely be treated!

I would highly recommend all of you visit My Cozy Room Facial Spa and let their professionals take care of you.