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5 Best Water Skincare Functions| Novita’s HydroPlus Water Ionizer

While spending tons of money on skincare products every year, have you ever thought about how water affects your skin? Learning the ideal skin pH measurement and maintaining an optimal level promotes overall skin health and benefits. Of course, your normal tap water would not cut it. Thankfully, technology has made it a lot more convenient for us! With water ionizers that can be easily installed into kitchen counters, our lives have become a lot easier.

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Here are 4 best skincare functions with Acidic and Alkaline water from Novita water ionizer!

1) Rebalancing Toner

Just like work-life balance, your skin can function at its best when it is at the perfect spot of pH 5.5. Being too extreme on either end of the pH scale may cause detrimental effects on your skin. No doubt our skin is very delicate, and proper skincare efforts are required to maintain your skin at its optimum.

Did you know? Some skincare or makeup products may contain a high pH level (more alkaline)! This may cause your skin to be more susceptible to acne and aging. We’re certain that you wouldn’t want your skincare efforts to slide down the drain after you have invested so much. To restore the incorrect pH level on your skin, level 1 acidic water from Novita’s HydroPlus Water Ionizer can be used as a rebalancing toner! How to do this? Well just dab some water on a piece of cotton wool and apply it onto your skin gently.

2) On-the-go Cleanser

While you should never omit your regular facial cleansers from your skincare regime, Novita’s Water Ionizer can be used as an on-the-go cleanser. When your skin accumulates oil and dirt, it is important to cleanse off the impurities! This is to help to prevent too much built-up. Instead of rinsing your face off the taps from the public toilets, store some acidic water in a small bottle with some cotton pads for a quick and convenient cleanse. It should also be used with your cleanser for your daily home-care routine as well!

3) Facial Mist Spritzer

Singapore’s weather can be really unforgiving at times! It can be hot and humid, accompanied by dust particles in the air. While hydrating face mists have become a skincare staple among beauty junkies, there is a more affordable alternative! Add some acidic water into a mini spray bottle and it can be used as a convenient face mist. This DIY hydrating face mist also serves as a really useful tool to replenish your skin with the right moisture while you’re on long haul flights.

4) Drinking Benefits

While acidic liquid has a myriad of facial benefits, it’s alkaline ionized version is also commonly used for drinking and cooking to promote health and wellness. The small water molecules allow water to penetrate your cells more efficiently, providing a better hydration effect for your body. On top of that, its mineral rich and antioxidant properties are vital to our health by neutralizing free radicals, hence resulting in regeneration of our skin cells.

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With all these additional skincare functions, it’s time to swap out your tap water with “beauty water” from novita’s water ionizer. But remember, maintaining skin pH is just one of the many aspects in taking care of your skin!

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Instead of using tap water for your facial treatments, novita HydroPlus water ionizer’s acidic water function has extra beauty benefits to your skin. By incorporating the acidic water in the facial steaming process as well as the mixture of mask, expect a complete skin rejuvenation with the wealth of benefits explained above that your skin will thank you for!

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