Your Skincare Routine Must-Do’s

More than just winning the genetic lottery, your skincare routine has a significant impact on how clear your skin is. It may seem difficult to put together an effective skincare routine as a beginner with so many products on the market. That is why we have prepared a list of skincare steps anyone starting a skincare routine for the first time should include.

Here are the three main steps that should be the backbone of your skincare routine:


Experts recommend cleansing twice a day – once in the morning and once before you go to bed as a routine. Cleansing your skin before going to bed is a step that must not be skipped! It is essential to remove all the excess oil, sweat, dead skin cells, dirt and makeup from the day. 

Double cleansing using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser before bedtime is particularly helpful. Especially, if you wear makeup or sunscreen daily. The oil-based cleanser in the first step will help to remove SPF and makeup effectively, preventing breakouts. However, if you have very dry skin, washing your face with water in the morning and cleansing once at night will suffice.

On top of clearing your pores to prevent breakouts, cleansing your skin prepares it for better absorption of other products. It helps your routine by maximising the effectiveness of serums and moisturisers. Cleansing your face daily will also help you manage the pH levels of your skin. This enables your skin to stay hydrated and clean.

Choosing the Right Cleanser

The next step is choosing the right cleanser. Beginners should look for gentle hydrating cleansers that contain protective, soothing, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Made purely with premium botanical-based products, the Bekind Hydra Purifying Cleanser does just that and maintains PH balance. Achieved with Licorice extract, a known remedy to help fade dark spots, brighten skin, and soothe inflammation. Honey, which removes excess sebum and contains antibacterial properties. Lastly, Chamomile protects the skin from any external stressors and soothes sensitivity.

Our Recommendation:

We recommend Bekind Hydra Purifying Cleanser! With potent yet gentle ingredients ensuring the maintenance and protection of your natural skin barrier. It’s not hard to see why this product is a winner, not to mention it also helps maintain the perfect skin PH balance! Great for all skin types and free from, your skin will thank you!

For makeup and sunscreen users, BABOR’s Hy-ÖL & Phytoactive Hydro Base Cleansing Set is recommended by dermatologists. Hy-ÖL is the first cleansing oil invented in the world. It has been patented for 100 years, attesting to its effectiveness. Made with natural herbal essences and antioxidants like quillaja and agrimonia extract. BABOR’s cleansing set deep cleans and promotes skin vitality without causing dryness.


Toners should be applied to your skin daily after cleansing once in the morning and once at night, before applying any other skincare products. Toners can help to soothe your skin, leaving your skin refreshed and hydrated without causing excessive dryness. On top of that, toners also help to smoothen and even out your complexion by minimising the appearance of your pores.

However, not all toners are made equal. You should always avoid toners that contain artificial fragrances as they may cause skin irritation. Choosing an alcohol-free toner is especially important if you have very dry skin as alcohol will cause your skin to dry up further, leading to further skin irritation.

Choosing the Right Toner

For beginners, experts suggest looking out for anti-inflammatory ingredients like cucumber extract or aloe vera leaf juice that can calm skin irritation and reduce redness. You should also look for ingredients that help to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier function and improve overall hydration, like rosehip fruit extract. Rosehip helps to retain the moisture in your skin, keeping it soft and supple.

Our Recommendation:

We recommend BeKind Hydra Soothing Toner, an alcohol-free formula that is non-drying, mild, yet effective toner suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Combining the hydrating effects of calming and anti-inflammatory agents like aloe vera and cucumber extract, our toner can soothe and moisturize your skin effectively. BeKind’s Hydra Soothing Toner also has a mild astringent effect, helping to minimise the appearance of your pores and providing anti-bacterial effects without being too drying.


Many dermatologists do not recommend exfoliating using traditional exfoliators that can be too harsh on your skin. Instead, they recommend opting for peeling gels that are gentler and do not completely strip the moisture from your skin. Skincare experts advise exfoliating using peeling peels once or twice per week if you have sensitive skin and three to four times per week for other skin types.

Exfoliating using a peeling gel will help you to remove a layer of dead skin cells, revealing the fresh new layer of skin beneath and evens out your skin tone. On top of that, exfoliating will reduce the chances of your pores getting clogged by dead skin cells. Exfoliating regularly also has a pore-minimising effect as pores that are clear of pore-clogging debris naturally look smaller!

Choosing the Right Exfoliator

Experts recommend choosing an exfoliator containing ingredients that have healing effects and anti-inflammatory properties. One hero ingredient you should look out for in your exfoliator is sea kelp. It is rich in vitamins and trace minerals, known for its abilities to retain moisture in your skin and keeping it hydrated for long periods of time. Sea kelp also has high antioxidant properties, protecting your skin from environmental irritants, UVA rays and pollution. Protecting your skin against these will help to slow down the aging process, maintaining your skin’s elasticity and youthfulness. Another ingredient you should look out for is Swiss apple stem cells. Over time, our skin loses its ability to regenerate as quickly, causing our skin to show physical signs of aging. Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of the Swiss apple stem cell in protecting skin stem cells from damage from environmental stressors as well as fighting against age-related skin troubles like wrinkles and fine lines.

Our Recommendation:

BeKind Hydro Renewal Peel is a natural skin gel exfoliator that removes dead skin cells effectively without being too harsh or excessively drying on your skin. Featuring the healing and anti-aging effects of the Swiss apple stem cells, sea kelp and deep seawater, BeKind’s Hydro Renewal Peel is perfect for everyone. Say goodbye to the days of irritated, red and dry skin and welcome smooth, clear and healthy skin!

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