What Makes A Good Peeling Gel?

What Are Peeling Gels And Why Do I Need Them?

If you are a fan of Korean or Japanese skincare, you will be no stranger to peeling gels. Unlike traditional exfoliators that have earned a bad rep for being way too harsh and abrasive on the skin because of the little plastic beads that scrub off dead skin cells, peeling gels are gentle and soothing – making them perfect for even acne-prone and sensitive skin! It is no surprise that gel peel exfoliators have secured their spot in the skincare routines of many. 

Although the term “peeling gel” may sound sinister, experts and many skincare connoisseurs have confirmed that peeling gels do not peel the skin but gently exfoliates your skin by interacting with the oil on your skin, creating clumps that remove dead skin cells. This leaves your skin smooth and dewy without completely stripping it of its moisture!

How Do Peeling Gels Benefit My Skin?

Evens out Your Skin Tone and Leaves Your Skin Smooth, Soft and Radiant

As physical exfoliators, peeling gels gently removes a layer of dead skin cells, giving your skin a healthy glow. In addition to that, the removal of dead skin cells reveals a fresh layer of skin and out the unevenness in your skin tone, improving your complexion.

Minimizes the Appearance of Your pores

Peeling gels help to reduce the chances of your pores getting clogged by dead skin cells and other nasty debris on your skin. Your pores will naturally look smaller when they are free of pore-clogging debris.

Prepares Your Skin to Receive the Benefits of Skincare products

After removing the layer of dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, your skin becomes more receptive to skincare products. This increases the effectiveness of absorption of the beneficial ingredients from other skincare products!

What Are the Best Ingredients In Peeling Gels?

Swiss Apple Stem Cells (Malus Domestica)

The Swiss apple stem cell is an active ingredient that won the prize of “Best Active Ingredient” in European Cosmetics Innovation in 2008. What is so great about Swiss apple stem cells in skincare? The epidermal stem cells under our skin have the ability to regenerate new skin but over time, the rate of renewal drastically decreases, causing wrinkles to appear. Introducing the Swiss apple stem cell extract has been shown in clinical trials to rejuvenate human skin cells from within and fight against age-related skin concerns like crows feet and wrinkles

On top of that, Swiss apple stem cells also promote the production of collagen, keeping your skin firm, elastic and radiant – making it a must-have ingredient in your peeling gel.

Deep-Sea Water

Since ancient times, the ocean has been celebrated for its therapeutic and healing properties. This applies to skincare too! Deep-sea water is a natural healing agent, rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. Clinical trials have discovered significant evidence that the magnesium in deep-sea water can improve skin conditions like inflammation, eczema, lichenification and cracked skin. Magnesium is also known for its ability to improve hydration by strengthening the moisture barrier of your skin, making deep-sea water a powerful remedy for dry and flaky skin.

Apart from the healing properties of deep-sea water, acne sufferers will be pleased to know that the sodium in deep-sea water is a natural exfoliator with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties! By removing the excess oil, dirt and bacteria in your pores, you will find that you experience fewer acne breakouts!

Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract

The root of the Licorice plant has made its way into many skincare products – especially skin-brightening ones because of its high levels of glabridin and liquiritin. These components have been scientifically proven in clinical trials to curb pigmentation and uneven skin tones. 

Glabridin is a tyrosinase inhibitor and in turn, inhibits the formation of dark spots caused by UV radiation. In addition to its ability to prevent dark spots from UV radiation, licorice extract can also help to minimise the appearance of those annoying acne scars! This property of licorice makes it an effective and natural alternative to skin-brightening chemicals, giving you an all-natural way to achieve radiant skin. Liquiritin, another active compound of licorice extract, helps to reduce discolouration in your skin. 

Furthermore, National Environment Agency (NEA) data has shown that Singapore experiences high levels of UV radiation all year round because of how close it is located to the equator. The intense sun exposure that Singaporeans face increases the risk of hyperpigmentation and dark spots, thus peeling gels that are infused with licorice extract allows your skin to stay healthy and radiant while protecting it from the detrimental effects of UV radiation on your skin.


Alpha-Arbutin is an effective skin-brightening ingredient derived from the bearberry plant and is suitable for all skin types! According to experts, alpha-arbutin is released slowly, thus is less harsh on the skin and is even suitable for those with sensitive skin. It helps to inhibit the formation of melanin and has the ability to fade dark spots and acne scars. It is also much safer than hydroquinone, a skin-brightening ingredient that, unlike alpha-arbutin, kills cells that produce melanin.

How Should I Use Peeling Gels?

Skincare experts recommend using peeling gels once or twice per week if you have sensitive skin and two to three times per week for oily skin type.

To get the maximum benefits from your peeling gel, apply the peeling gel evenly on a cleansed and dry face, wait for a minute before gentling massaging the gel in circular motions. Wash the gel off with lukewarm water and continue with your skincare routine!


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