Vitamin C-Plus Serum (30ml)

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Active ingredient concentrate in an O/W emulsion, lipid content: approx. 12%
Vitamin C-Plus Serum instantly smoothes and firms the skin, boosts cellular activity, and gives the skin a velvety appearance.


Vitamin C-Plus Serum indulges the skin with a powerful cocktail of vitamins that instantly smoothes and firms the skin. This stimulates cell activity, allowing weakened skin to regain energy. It prevents cell damage caused by weakened immune defenses. The fortified lipid barrier enhances the skin’s defenses. Overall, the skin regains a youthful, fresh appearance.



Apply Vitamin C-Plus Serum to face, neck and décolleté morning and evening after cleansing. Follow with Vitamin C-Plus Day Cream, Vitamin C-Plus Night Cream, or Vitamin C-Plus Cream Light.

Skin Care Need

Anti-aging, Even texture, Tonicity & Elasticity, Vitalizing & Activating, Pigmentation spots


Face, Serum & gel


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