SENSICURA Moisturizing Complex (50ml)

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24-hour light cream in an O/W emulsion, lipid content: approx. 14%

The soft SENSICURA Moisturizing Complex provides a balanced moisture level and leaves behind a smooth, regenerated feeling to the skin.


Soft-textured 24-hour cream with a feather-light texture providing rich skin care. Highly effective ingredients such as Magnolia Bark and a Vitamin F Complex fortify the skin barrier and reduce sensitivity. Panthenol has a calming effect and Squalane wraps the skin in a protective film. The lightness of the moisturizing complex makes it the perfect summer skin care product.


Care for your face, neck and décolleté morning and night after cleansing with SENSICURA Serum, then apply the SENSICURA Moisturizing Complex.

Skin Care Need

Sensitive Skin, Dry/Dehydrated Skin


Face, Moisturizers and cream


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