SENSICURA Cleansing Emulsion (200ml)

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Cleansing milk in an O/W emulsion, lipid content: approx. 11%

The mild SENSICURA Cleansing Emulsion gently removes impurities deep in the pores while also leaving the skin pleasantly smooth.


The rich texture of the SENSICURA Cleansing Emulsion conditions the skin to a supple texture while deeply cleansing it. This mild product completely and thoroughly removes make-up and anything that has collected on the skin during the day or at night.


Distribute a walnut-sized amount of SENSICURA Cleansing Emulsion onto the face, neck and décolleté, emulsify with moist fingertips and then remove with lukewarm (!) water. Gently pat the skin dry with a hand towel. Then refresh the skin with cotton wool pads saturated with SENSICURA Toner.


FACE, Face cleansing

Skin Care Need

Calming, Irritation & redness, Regenerating


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