Here’s What You Can Do To Help With Your $600 Solidarity Funds During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Many individuals faced a temporary hiccup on their I-banking screen on 14th April due to a huge influx of logins to check their $600 solidarity scheme payment! Are you one of them too?

Some see this bonus amount as “a short overseas trip in the future”, “shopping funds” or “extra money to splurge on a sumptuous meal”, but there are many others who simply do not have the luxury to even think about it. As the COVID-19 virus continues to negatively impact the economy and local businesses, as well as the livelihood of many, it’s important for us to reach out a helping hand to others who are less fortunate during this crisis.

While death tolls and the snowballing effect of the pandemic crisis are not within our control, every small action helps. And even a small amount of donation would mean a lot to some families.

If you’re looking to donate some of your solidarity funds to the needy, here are some organisations to look out for! My Cozy Room has been supporting some of these organisations and we urge you to do a part for our fellow Singaporeans if you can contribute in any way.

1)   Blossom World | Project Belanja: Start A Food Chain of Good

Source: Giving.sg

Blossom World have started a few donation funds and one of their projects is catered to migrant workers by bringing them nutritious and delicious catered meals. With the donated funds, they will be working closely with Restaurant Association of Singapore’s 100 restaurants to prepare food for this project.

Link: https://www.giving.sg/blossom-world-society/project_belanja_start_a_food_chain_of_good

 2) Blossom Seeds | Medical Escort & Transport (MET) partnering Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)

 Source: Blossom Seeds

With the Circuit Breaker in place, disruptions have caused inconvenience to many elderly who are unable to travel to hospital appointments or do grocery shopping.  As such, Blossom Seeds’ Medical Escort & Transport team is in place to escort the vulnerable seniors to their essential medical appointments as well as to deliver groceries to their household. You can also do your part to help fund this project by making a small donation.

Link: https://www.giving.sg/web/blossom-seeds-limited_6157389

3) Kampung Senang | COVID-19 Food Assistance For People In Need

Source: Giving.sg

Similarly, this charitable campaign is to provide essential and organic groceries to the vulnerable community, such as the elderly and cancer patients. With their steep medical bills and expenses, your donation of any amount would mean everything to this group of people.

Link: https://www.giving.sg/kampung-senang-charity-education-foundation/appeal_for_gift_of_wellness_bags

4) The Food Bank Singapore | COVID-19 Relief: Feed The City (take-away edition)

Source: Giving.sg

A small donation of just $10 can make a difference by sponsoring 2 meals and delivery to a person in need. As the COVID-19 has a huge negative impact on the vulnerable communities, you can pay it forward to give the needy a hearty meal in times of uncertainty.

Link: https://www.giving.sg/the-food-bank-singapore-ltd/covid-19_relief_feed_the_city_take-away_edition_


5) The Courage Fund

Source: Comchest.sg

Established in 2003 after the SARS Outbreak, donations from The Courage Fund will be used for supporting relief to the vulnerable communities such as healthcare workers, front-line workers and volunteers who are negatively impacted by the COVID-19.  On top of that, the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) will also be in charge of gathering non-monetary donations of essential supplies such as masks, sanitizers and thermometers to provide support for social agencies.

Link: https://www.comchest.sg/TheCouragefund

6) Agency for Integrated Care Singapore

Source: AIC Singapore

Volunteers of the AIC reach out to caregivers and seniors and connect them with welfare services. The organisation seek to create a vibrant community in enabling the elderly to live and age gracefully with the help of community care partners by raising the quality of care. Your donations would also help alleviate some of their need in financial assistance such as daily activities assistance and medical fees.

Link: https://www.aic.sg/financial-assistance/

7) Bright Hill Evergreen Home

Source: Giving.sg

Bright Hill Evergreen Home is a non-profit nursing home that provides quality healthcare and shelter for the disadvantaged community, such as the sick and elderly. The organisation believes in alleviating their hardship with proper welfare and holistic nursing.

Link: https://www.giving.sg/web/bright-hill-evergreen-home

8) Metta Welfare Association

Source: Metta

The Metta Welfare Association aims to provide quality healthcare and welfare services such as emotional support for the needy and disabled group. With your donated funds, the organisation can continue to implement a comprehensive range of beneficial programmes to help out this group of people.

Link: https://www.metta.org.sg/hq/index.php/support-us/donation/

Source: SGunited

If you’re interested in contributing to other organisations, SGUnited is a one-stop platform for you to join the #SGUnited community and make a difference in every small way. Even if you are unable to contribute in terms of monetary donations, please spare a minute to share this page so that other individuals who are interested in the donation or volunteering campaigns can have access to these organisations.

So far, more than $130,000 has been raised on the Give.Asia platform while the four campaigns on Giving.sg have raised more than $10,000 so far. (The Straits Times)

Let’s pledge in the #wegiveinsolidarity movement and do our part for the society too! In difficult times like this, we need to spread kindness and positivity to those around us to make the world a better place!


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