Breaking Down The Stigma: Debunking Myths About Men & Facials

Breaking Down The Stigma: Debunking Myths About Men & Facials

Modern men are embracing self-care and grooming! Due to this new development, skincare brands are expanding their ranges to include unisex and male-oriented products. As a side effect, facials are also gaining popularity among men! Facials are a great method of self-care and achieving healthier and clearer skin. Despite the progress, there’s still a bit of a lingering stigma around facials. However, My Cozy Room Facial Spa aims to break down these myths and encourage more men to achieve clear skin!

Myth 1: Facials are only for women.

One of the greatest misconceptions is that facials are meant for women, which is not true! Everyone’s skin deserves proper care and attention, regardless of gender! This is especially true for men who generally have larger pores that may be prone to clogs. For this, My Cozy Room Facial Spa offers Singapore’s best facial extraction service known as the Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial. This facial uses premium products created specifically for Singapore’s hot and humid climate! This helps cleanse the impurities out of those clogged pores and achieve a brighter complexion.

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Men Facial - Before & After, acne, pimples, scars, red, men, guy, boy, facial, spas, extraction, pop

Myth 2: Men don’t need facials because their skin is naturally resilient.

Another myth many people believe is that men’s skin is more naturally resilient and less susceptible to damage. This is not true! Although men’s skin is generally thicker and has more collagen, it is still prone to damage from the daily elements! Things like environmental pollutants, stress, and shaving! Shaving in particular is especially bad as it opens pores and leaves the skin open to inflammation. Hence, regular trips to the facial spa are also crucial for men to maintain healthy and vibrant skin.

Myth 3: Facials are not masculine.

The most pervasive myth surrounding facials and men is the belief that getting your skin cared for is just not masculine. This is from outdated gender stereotypes that tie skincare with femininity when in reality skincare is gender neutral. It’s time to leave this idea behind in the past! Because everyone deserves to look and feel great with clear clean skin! Taking care of yourself is not a weakness nor is it gendered, it’s an act of self-love, self-respect, and confidence! In fact, more and more men are adopting skincare routines and facials. There are now plenty of actors and athletes encouraging the change!


Skincare is for everyone, and no one should be left behind! Men and women should feel empowered by the act of self-care and self-love, even when it comes in the form of a trip to the facial spa. Join us at My Cozy Room Facial Spa to start your self-care journey today!

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