10 Daily Products That You Won’t Believe Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet Bowl Seat

Many people associate ‘Toilet Bowls’ with negative connotations such as ‘Disgusting’ and ‘Dirty’. But did you know that there are many other items that attract and accumulate dust, germs and bacteria? These are your everyday items that are the least of your suspect! As these are common things in our daily lives, we tend to pay less attention and neglect keeping them clean. In fact, these surfaces probably contain more germs than an average toilet seat in a household. And guess what? It’s very likely that you’ve just touched one!

 Toilet Bowl Seat

With the widespread outbreak of the COVID-19, wearing masks and using sanitizers are no longer sufficient to keep ourselves safe. As the Coronavirus can survive on surfaces for several hours, the virus can spread easily when you touch your face or rub your eyes after touching contaminated objects. Can you imagine the multitude of germs and bacteria that we come into contact every single day? On top of more susceptible to the virus, touching your face regularly also leads to acne and breakouts.

In case you haven’t figured out, here are 10 daily products that are unbelievably dirtier than your toilet bowl! (In no particular order)

1) Mobile Phones/ Smart Phones

You’ve probably heard of this many times – mobile phones are extremely dirty, and studies have shown that they are about 7-10 times dirtier than an average household’s toilet bowl! It doesn’t come off too much as a surprise though. As we’re always spending so much time on our smart phones. Not forgetting, your mobile phone might placed everywhere in public places out of convenience.

 Toilet Bowl SeatSource: The Irish Times

2) Keyboard

Your computer or laptop keyboard is a next possible culprit of accumulating large amounts of germs and bacteria! We often do not wash our hands before using our keyboard, and it’s normal for us to neglect cleaning these objects. We spend so many hours and minutes typing away at the computer, but how many of us actually spare a few minutes to clean it daily?

 Toilet Bowl SeatSource: How Stuff Works

3) Door Handles

Door handles are one of the most popular everyday items to be infected with the Coronavirus. You wouldn’t know when the door handles come into contact with other user’s germ-ridden hands. In fact, door handles at public places such as washrooms, are the best hotspots for bacteria to thrive due to the high frequency of contact with many individual’s hands.

Source: United Locksmith

4) Lift Buttons

Think twice before using your fingers to push those buttons in the lift especially during this critical period! You might have come across viral posts showing people using toothpicks to press lift buttons to prevent the spread of virus. The best way to minimize contact with lift buttons is to use your elbow or pen without ink refill.

Source: IB Times

5) Light Switches

Your light switches might one of the dirtiest parts of your house as it might overlooked during the cleaning process. With our hands making contact with the switches regularly throughout the day, they get accumulated with oil, grime and germs.

Source: LUX Review

6) Money

Can you imagine how many different hands have in direct contact with the dollar notes or coins in your purse? Paper money has reportedly transmitted flu viruses for up to 17 days, and hundreds of species of microorganisms have found living on the dollar note. While most of the germs contribute to less dangerous consequences like acne, scientists have also identified more harmful traces that may cause virus infections.

Source: MSN.com

7) Basin Taps

Basin taps are one of the most popular bacteria-infested areas of a public toilet. When people turn on the basin tap to wash their hands, their contaminated hands would usually come in contact with the handle. If you turn the contaminated tap off, you’re actually transferring the germs back to your hands!

Source: Freepik

8) Handbags

You would surprised that your handbags are notoriously dirtier than you thought! In fact, experts have listed it as one of the worst places for germs to thrive as women usually carry their bags everywhere they go, including toilet cubicles. They are often placed on the floor, toilet door hangers, and other random places that are filled with dirt and germs.

Source: Shutterstock

9) TV Remote Control

Do you remember when was the last time you cleaned your TV remote controls? Your remote control might fall onto the floor, collect dust from surroundings and has probably sneezed on. Combine all these germs together, and it might just accumulate to a huge amount over time!

Source: Forbes

10) Restaurant Menu

Unless the restaurant’s staff disinfects the restaurant menu daily, they are also known to quite filthy due to food splatter, direct contact with patron’s hands and probably saliva from talking. Although you might have washed your hands before entering the restaurant, touching these menus before you eat may also cause you to ingest some germs by accident.

 Toilet Bowl SeatSource: CAKE from Sysco

So you might wondering, how can these items dirtier than an average household toilet bowl! Is it even possible?

The reason is simple! Because the toilet is generally assumed as a dirty object, we tend to disinfect and clean our household toilets thoroughly on a regular basis. On the other hand, daily items mentioned above are often neglected and therefore become “magnets” for bacteria and germs to thrive.

It’s time to give your household objects a little more attention for cleaning, or ensure to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly after using these items. Even without the COVID-19 crisis, the d­­­irt and bacteria from these items may easily trigger acne and clogged pores when you touch your face after coming into contact with contaminated surfaces. The dirt, grease and impurities from these surfaces will likely clog your pores, which can lead to pimples.

While not touching your face helps in minimizing acne formation, it is not entirely a full proof solution to your acne woes. Instead, a good treatment and skincare routine is a long-term solution to your skin problems.

 Toilet Bowl Seat

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 Toilet Bowl Seat

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