Why Do Breakouts Occur after Facial Extraction?

You step out of the spa feeling rejuvenated and fresh after a facial treatment – until you wake up the next day seeing your face covered with new breakouts and screaming to yourself “Is this normal?”

after Facial Extraction

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Having a breakout (Purging) after facial is one of the most common complaints.

But before you start giving yourself unnecessary scares, perhaps you might want to understand the real reason behind your breakouts.

Why do breakouts occur?

During an extraction treatment, the therapist will have to squeeze on your skin to clear out your clogged pores. The squeezing may cause some redness on your skin, which will usually wear off in a day, or two. Depending on your skin condition, some of you may experience only minimal redness.

The therapist may also intentionally leave out some pimples or zits as they are not “matured” enough to removed yet. As a result, some purging may occur due to self-cleaning pores.

But, do NOT alarmed yet!

The occurrence of this situation can minimised or prevented if you know the proper ways to caring your skin.

In addition to your facial/extraction, using the right products and caring for your skin is essential for lasting results — as well as to reduce your post-facial breakouts.

How should I take care of my skin after a facial?

Post-facial skincare plays a huge part in optimising and maintaining results of your facial treatment.

  • Do not touch your face especially the open wounds after an extraction to prevent bacteria from forming.

after Facial Extraction

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  • Cleanse it regularly and gently. Do not use exfoliating products for a week to prevent skin irritation as the skin was already deeply cleansed during the facial treatment. Instead, try using gentle facial products for daily cleansing.

after Facial Extraction

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  • Avoid or minimize the use of makeup as it might clog your pores easily due to open wounds. If you have to put on heavy make up for an important event, it is recommended to have a facial at least 3-5 days before.

after Facial Extraction

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  • Avoid using saunas or steaming your face as this will open up pores. Over-steaming your face might result in sensitivity.

after Facial Extraction

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Following these home-care facial tips will prolong the effectiveness of your facial treatment and prevent further breakouts.

You may also try to apply our BABOR Intense Purifying Mask over the pimple area or non-matured pimples for anti-septic purposes, which helps to absorb excess sebum on your face in order to clear your congested skin

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