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At My Cozy Room, we believe in using only the best BABOR products and a mix of manual and machine therapies for your skin, tailoring what we apply to what your complexion needs. By crafting the ideal treatment for your skin’s needs, you’ll see great results after every visit. Each full-length facial treatment includes eyebrow trimming, an utterly relaxing head and shoulder massage, and a soothing crystal eye massage so you emerge looking and feeling your best.

Ask your therapist about suitable home care products from BABOR, which will help you extend the longevity of each treatment.

For Normal / Dry Skin

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For Acne/Oily & Combination Skin

    •  For Acne / Oily & Combination Skin Treatments

      The BABOR PORE REFINER and PERFECT COMBINATION series helps give oily skin a more even and refined appearance. Targeting and shrinking the pores of your T-Zone via the Sebucon Active Complex, it reduces sebum production by up to 50%, leaving a lasting mattifying effect. By infusing your skin with moisture, excess oiliness is kept at bay. Your complexion will look and feel more balanced.

    • Premium Pore Extraction Facial

      Draw out your skin's impurities with our DETOXIFYING CHARCOAL MASK, which helps reduce the recurrence of clogged pores while the cooling sensation helps to minimise redness on face.. Combined with our signature deep cleansing of pores via expert MANUAL EXTRACTION during your custom facial, your skin will feel clean and renewed.

    • Dr. Babor Ultimate Blemish Treatment

      For serious cases of acne, and those suffering from extreme blemishes combined with sensitive skin, the premium DOCTOR BABOR range will be used. Highly effective skincare founded on medical cosmeceuticals and extensive cosmetic research, antiseptic micro-silver ions are used to fight acne bacteria and other microbes that irritate the skin. Experience relief from chronic redness and irritation, and prevent acne from recurring with our treatment.

    • Clinical LED Light Treatment

      LED LIGHT TREATMENTS can not only kill acne causing bacteria, but also stimulate cell turnover to help improve the appearance of acne scars. These clarifying treatments, suitable for those with mild to moderate acne utilizes light to penetrate the skin. They targets the root causes of blemishes, including inflamed sebaceous glands that can result in breakouts.

    • Sparkling Diamond Peel Facial

      If you suffer from excessive dead skin, rough pores and severe pigmentation, say goodbye to your skin woes with the DIAMOND PEEL, which will leave you looking and feeling like royalty. Using precious diamonds to exfoliate your skin, only a few sessions are needed to see an overhaul of your skin’s texture and brightness. And as the treatments stimulates cell regrowth, you will experience a restorative effect.

    • Hydro Peel Facial

      Even out your skin tone with our premium HYDRO PEEL treatment, which is suitable even for those with sensitive skin. Debris is painlessly removed to clean and reduce the number of visible pores with help from a gentle peel, leaving your skin looking smoother and younger. As the treatment also infuses the skin with plenty of moisture and nutrients, your skin will look luminous, and feel quenched and toned.

    • Detox Clarifying Treatment

      An anti-oxidant facial with high-dose vitamins to prevent environmentally induced skin aging & clarify existing oils clogs. Using green mineral clay to regulate sebum production, it provides instant comfort, detoxifies and leaves the skin looking clarified and fresh.

    • Anti-Acne Purifying Facial

      Formulated for younger blemished skin, BABOR PURE products help infuse your complexion with a refined and even radiance. Regulating sebum production and combating redness and skin irritation, this gentle treatment is effective at combating blemishes.OsmoTec further promotes osmotic regulation in young cells, boosting moisture levels and helping skin achieve a balanced state.

  • For Normal / Dry Skin

    • Radiance Facial Treatment

      Packed with beautifying vitamins A, C and E, the BABOR COMPLEX C series helps turn back the clock, so skin is left moisturised and firmer after treatment. Working from within to shore up your skin’s natural defenses, it protects and perfects your complexion, transforming it from dull and lifeless to youthful and fresh.  
    • Illuminating Premium Facial

      Our signature ILLUMINATING FACIAL focuses on treating dehydrated and unbalanced skin, restoring it to a healthy and luminous state. Using a combination of luxurious plant-derived products in it most concentrated form, uneven complexions will achieve a remarkable radiance and clarity. For that lit-from-within glow, there’s no better treatment.
    • Rose Enchantment Facial

      If you’re into natural beauty treatments, the ROSE ENCHANTMENT FACIAL features a rose mask made with fresh flower petals to deeply nourish your skin. Dry skin will be restored to its natural balance with this tonifying treatment, allowing you to emerge with softer and more supple skin.

    • Korean Oxyjet

      Lift, firm, and clarify skin with the KOREAN OXYJET therapy. The concentrated deep infusion of oxygen not only provides an antibacterial effect that targets acne problems, it also stimulates cell turnover and helps tighten and rejuvenate skin tissue to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will be primed to absorb more nutrients, allowing our premium skin care to work more effectively to address your needs.

    • Energizing Oxygen Treatment

      Dull complexions lacking in moisture will benefit from the BABOR OXYGEN range, which imparts a radiant glow. Encapsulated oxygen gives facial cells an energy boost, so you’ll look refreshed and healthy. This deeply hydrating range will also ensure your skin’s thirst is quenched, so it feels plumper and smoother.
  • For Anti-Aging

    • Collagen Booster Treatment

      DOCTOR BABOR COLLAGEN boasts 99% pure marine collagen and 1% hyaluronic acid, a concentrated and indulgent treatment that works as a non-invasive alternative to Botox. Fall in love with results that come with no downtime. Sallow and dull complexions will benefit from this luxurious treatment, which works on any skin type to create a softer and more supple visage.
    • Ultimate 3D Lifting Facial Treatment

      Using Doctor Babor’s Derma Cellular series, here is a high-tech skincare developed with Dr. Michael Konig, German's famous face-lift surgeon. Unique combination of active ingredients delivers convincing surgical-like results to treat a wide range of skin problems like loss of elasticity, ageing, enlarged pores, pre & post-operative therapies.

    • IPL Rejuvenating Facial Treatment

      Also known as Intense Pulsed Light, IPL FACIAL treatment uses advanced technology to safely treat damaged skin with no harm caused to the skin’s epidermal surface. It is especially useful when it comes to skin with blemishes, redness, brown spots etc. The advance technology also helps in skin rejuvenation to be more effective.

    • Cryotherapy with ThermaLift Facial Treatment

      A non-surgical way to tighten and tone aging skin, our THERMAL LIFT machine therapy can wipe years off your face. Thermal heat is delivered deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity, to fend off sagging and skin loosening. Look fresh faced, and grow older gracefully.
  • For Sensitive Skin

    • Calming Sensitive Facial

      Intensely soothing, the BABOR CALMING SENSITIVE range helps to regulate skin sensitivity and boost its immunity to environmental irritants. Complemented with a nourishing Chamomile Mask, a gentle Ice Ball massage to reduce redness and drain the lymph, and a moisturising Thermal Water Spray for long lasting protection, your skin balance will be restored and strengthened.

      Using Neuro Sensitive Cellular Intensive Calming Cream, the unique combination of active ingredients within helps to keep skin in balance. It reduces the over reaction of skin’s own immune system by restoring the natural balance to the stimulus-response chain.
    • Cryo Facial

      Low temperatures help firm up your face in our special CRYO FACIAL, while also working to fix the appearance of broken and enlarged capillaries in aggravated skin. This non-abrasive treatment will leave you feeling utterly refreshed, breathing life into dull and tired skin. After this facial, your face will feel more toned, with less sagging and fine lines.

    • Premium Calming Facial

      Our PREMIUM CALMING FACIAL features gentle massage and suitable skin care to strengthen your skin, and is finished with a gentle peel-off mineral alginate mask, which restores and nourishes the complexion. The cooling texture of this mask mitigates redness and lightly stimulates the skin, allowing it to better absorb the active ingredients of protective skin care. Micro-circulation is boosted, and you’ll emerge with a smooth and glowing complexion.

  • Other Pampering Add-Ons ( Eye )

    • Glacier Crystal Eye Treatment

      Makes fine lines, puffy eye bags and dark eye circles fade away

    • Cryo-Eye Therapy

      Extreme cold physiological therapy paired with luxurious products to freeze tissues at cellular levels

    • Thermolift Eye Therapy

      High temperature applied to stimulate blood circulation, reduce eye bags and tone up eyelids

    • Sparkling Diamond Eye Treatment

      Indulge the windows of your soul with a Glacier Crystals eye massage

  • Other Pampering Add-Ons ( Face )

    • Cryo-Face Therapy

      Extreme cold physiological therapy paired with luxurious products to freeze tissues at cellular levels

    • ThermaLift Face Therapy

      Promotes collagen contraction without damaging skin thus providing a non-surgical "face lift“

    • Diamond Peeling Facial

      An intensive exfoliation treatment on the Stratum Corneum (outer most layer of skin), that instantly produces softer, smoother and more even skin. Results are significant as any blemishes, oil and dirt are removed and fine lines soften. Pores are deeply cleansed, encouraging the production of new skin cells and boosting collagen.

    • Platinum Brightening Mask

      Restores damaged, dehydrated and tired skin as well as brightens dull and uneven skin tone for a young and fair look
    • Alginate Premium Mask

      Encourages ingredient penetration and restores skin hydration, resulting in smooth and radiant skin

  • Other Pampering Add-Ons ( Neck )

    • ThermoLift Neck Treatment

      Heating action causes fine lines on neck to tighten immediately, producing a more youthful appearance

    • Collagen Neck Treatment

      No Content

  • Other Pampering Add-Ons ( Back )

    • Diamond Peel Back Treatment

      Pores are deeply cleansed, encouraging the production of new skin cells and boosting collagen

  • Spa Indulgence

    • My 4-in-1 Fruity Spa Indulgence

      This Cozy Original Creation is a lavish all-inclusive treat. Whatever that has you feeling out of sync, this will help you feel uplifted and energized.  
      Following an invigorating Passion Fruit Back Scrub where we help you out with those “hard-to-reach” spots, Hot Stone therapy will melt away your aches and pains. Your circulation will get a boost from our Orange Full Body Massage with pressure just the way you like it. End off with a Crystal Eye massage to alleviate puffiness, and give your eyes instant relief.
    • Ginseng Body-Aging Body Spa

      This holistic 3-in-1 treatment includes an Imperial Jade Guasha that relieves stubborn neck and shoulder pain or Lava Hotstone Back Therapy where warm sensations of Lava Hotstones melt away your tensions. 
      Quality Ginseng Massage Cream and the heat generated by the friction of the jade against the skin helps the oil penetrate deep into the tissue followed by a Soothing Jade Eye Massage

    • My Anti-Jetlag Massage

      Enjoy this head-to-toe full body massage focused on relaxing tired muscles. This treatment includes a foot ritual and eye massage using glacier crystal to reduce puffy eyes after a tiring journey.

  • Relaxing Massages

    • My Cozy Massage (60min)

      Swedish massage using high quality BABOR oil, regenerates the skin and leaves a soothing effect.

    • Chocolate Indulgence Massage

      This indulgent massage lets you enjoy all the great thing about endorphin-boosting chocolate, with none of the calories. Be surrounded by this deliciously mood-lifting scent, as your skin is deeply nourished and your tired muscles soothed.


    • My Cozy Back & Shoulder Massage (45min)

      Leave all your cares behind and take 45 mins to truly pamper yourself with our Cozy back and shoulder massage to relieve deskbound tensions.

    • Soothing Hot Stone Back Massage

      This targeted massage focuses on key acupressure points on your neck, shoulders, and upper back, to relieve stress and muscle tension. Warmth from the stones penetrates deep into your muscles to alleviate strain and help you achieve a relaxed state.

    • My Cozy Back & Shoulder Massage (30min)

      Take 30 mins out of your busy day and pamper yourself with a Cozy back and shoulder massage to relieve deskbound tensions.

    • Beautifying Bacial

      Bring sexy back with our specially designed treatment, which involves expert manual extractions and targeted skin care products, for flaunt-worthy flawless skin. Also available for the decollete.


    • My Herbal Ball Full Body Massage

      Heat and herbs are absorbed by the body, reducing aches and stimulating blood circulation.

    • Sparkling Diamond Bacial

      Achieving the radiant diamond glow on your face is no issue with the SPARKLING DIAMOND BACIAL which uses Diamond Peel as well.

      If you suffer from excessive dead skin, rough pores and severe pigmentation, say goodbye to your skin woes with the DIAMOND PEEL, which will leave you looking and feeling like royalty. Using precious diamonds to exfoliate your skin, only a few sessions are needed to see an overhaul of your skin’s texture and brightness. And as the treatments stimulates cell regrowth, you will experience a restorative effect.

    • My Indulging Chocolaty Massage

      This ultra-indulgent treatment introduces a multiplying effect of endorphins In the brain, instantly enhancing your mood and nourishing your skin at the same time.

    • My Soothing Hotstone Massage

      An exclusive technique using key focal points on your neck, shoulders and upper back to relieve tension.

  • Other Pampering Treatments

    • My Full Body Scrub

      Get rid of the uppermost layer of dead skin cells to allow your skin to absorb the nutrients.

    • Detoxifying Body Scrub

      Let us slough away all your dead skin cells for a fresher, newer you, and allow your body to better absorb the nutrients from your skin care products.

    • My Soothing Foot Spa

      Pamper your soles with a Foot Spa that includes a Foot Soak & Scrub, Hotstone Calf Massage, Foot Mask and Wrap.

    • My Full Body Whitening Wrap & Mask

      Achieve a visibly brighter complexion and reduce pigment spots sustainably with a Whitening mask. Skin is then protected against light-induced skin aging with a slimming wrap, reducing current wrinkles and lines. Rest in the hot blanket while and wake up to even, radiant and firmer skin.

  • Treatment Add-Ons

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