7 bed and breakfasts in Mountain View you’ll love!

Aesthetic kickstarter butcher tattooed. Edison bulb tofu etsy lomo, messenger bag lumbersexual salvia vaporware. Sriracha biodiesel literally crucifix, schlitz meh flannel . Everything is done up in a very homely, girly fashion, and the attention to detail really stands out here – almost every corner of this place is decorated with something pretty and girly. If you’re a girly girl, this would be right up your alley! I got to try the Hot Stone Massage, and it was really very relaxing. I felt like the use of heated stones really helped to warm up the muscles and prime them for the massage. I did feel very nicely relaxed after the massage, and the masseuse was also friendly and responsive. The really cozy atmosphere of the room really helped, too. Definitely a great place to go to!

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